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Snow on the Mountains . . .   Leave a comment

. . . and rain in the valley.  A good rain; the news this morning said .68, but Lori B.’s rain gauge looked like it was a bit more.


When we got up this morning, there were plenty of puddles.

cnnrain7 edit

The horses were philosophical about the whole thing.

cnnrain5 edit

They weren’t even excited about the snow on the mountains.

cnnrain6 edit

I don’t think that we saw any snow up there last year at all.

cnnrain3 edit

It stayed cool and windy all day, but we didn’t see any more rain.

cnnrain2 edit

We heard on the news at noon that there were reports of hail in other parts of the county, and even a photo of what appeared to be a funnel cloud.  Meanwhile, there are predictions for more rain by next weekend.  It won’t end the drought, but it’ll put a dent in it!


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