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Can This Be Bakersfield?   Leave a comment

I was at the store today, waiting in the checkout line, when two ladies rushed through the front doors.  One said to the other, “Ooh!  It’s nice and warm in here!”

In Bakersfield.  At the end of May.

It ought to be in the eighties by now, easily.  At the time, it was in the low sixties.  It’s 69, right now, at four o’clock.

Well, I’m taking advantage of the cool, by doing a little more knitting.  I started this scarf a day or two ago, and it’s coming along quickly.  It’s a pattern called “Uber Zag-edged Scarf”, and it’s certainly zaggy.

uberzag 2

I took two pictures of it, the above with the iPhone and the one below with the Canon.  They saw it entirely differently.

uberzag 3

Even after I fiddled with it, the Canon saw much more blue than the iPhone.  The actual color is closer to the first photo, a vibrant heathered violet.  The second photo shows the heather effect much better, but misses the true color.


Oh, well, it’s a fun pattern to knit, and just right for this very purple yarn.  And it’s nice, if peculiar, to have a little more sittin’ and knittin’ weather.  After all, it might be a hundred degrees next week!


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Rippling   Leave a comment

Billy and David are on their way to the doctor right now, for the second time today.  No emergency — they decided to take X-rays of Billy’s back, just in case.  They’re going to give him a shot beforehand, so he ought to be comfortable for the rest of the day.  They couldn’t do it on the first trip, because he had taken one of his Super Advils for the ride.  I sure hope they can give him something that will speed his recovery.

It’s been necessary for me to stay close this last week.  This has given me a lot of time for projects.  I finished my blue ripple today, and it’s turned out nicely.


It’s a good size for snuggling in a recliner; long enough to cover your toes and still come up to your chin.  It’s already been washed once, because Xena found it in my recliner, and thought it was perfect for her to snuggle in, too.  Unfortunately, she was pretty muddy at the time.  Sigh.  Maybe I’ll have to make her one, too. I haven’t decided who this one is for, but definitely not the dogs.


The first picture was taken with my Canon Powershot, the second with the iPhone 4.  The iPhone seems to have captured the turquoise and aqua shades better, but they both look nice.  I might do another one, leaving out the paler shades and white.


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Housebound   2 comments

I’m having to stick close to home for a few days — poor Billy’s down with a bad back.  He’s been to the doctor, and is much more comfortable now with a shot and a prescription.  It’s just muscular, but very painful.  Anyone who knows him knows how hard it is to keep him from doing his rounds, checking every horse several times a day — or night.

He’s feeling much better, but until he gets more mobile, I’m staying where I can keep an eye on him.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a second ripple afghan, this one in blue and turquoise only.


I started it this summer, when the first one got too hot and heavy.  Then this one did too, so it’s a good thing the weather has changed.  It’s smaller than the other one, more of a lap blanket.

The colors are worked from dark to light, trying to suggest ocean waves breaking in the shallows.  Now it’ll go from light to dark, to finish.  It’s more practical to have dark colors at the ends — they tend to get dragged around.

The weatherman is still predicting rain for the weekend.  It’ll be so nice to go for a trail ride, with everything smelling clean and sweet, and the dust tamed underfoot.  We’ll see . . .




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Another Blanket   Leave a comment

I’ve been too busy running errands lately to get in much riding.  By the time I get home, it’s too hot.  So I’ve been getting in quite a bit of needlework, instead.

One project has been coming along very quickly.  I saw a blanket online that I really liked — the Coast Blanket by Attic24 .  I didn’t think it was practical to send all the way to England for the yarn she used, but many of the colors were close to those I used in the Faerie’s Garden blanket.  Why not see what I could do with those?

The idea of the Coast Blanket was to use colors reminiscent of the seashore, in random order.  Not only blues, but greens, golds, grays, and aquas — colors of sea, sky, sand, seaweed, and stone.  (Isn’t it interesting how many words about the seashore start with an “s”?)

Here are the results so far.



I think I’ll call it the “Pacific Coast” blanket.  It’s not as pretty as Attic24’s — the yarn is much heavier — but I think it’ll turn out well.

I did get in a good ride this morning.  Kitty and I and the dogs went out with Cheryl and Jennifer.  I took a few photos — I’ll get them downloaded and edited, and post them tomorrow.

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Yep, It’s Hot   5 comments

The heat wave continues.  Last night one weather forecaster said that it was possible that it would extend through all of July!  I hope he’s wrong about that.  This is not horseback riding weather, though I’m making it out in the afternoon to give our critters carrots, and check on them.  They appreciate the carrots, anyway.

I’m staying in for the most part, like the dogs.  Yesterday I counted four dogs asleep in the hall and one in our bedroom — and we only own two.  Andrew’s dogs, though, know where to come when he and Ciera are at work.

While I’m holed up in the house, I’ve been going through some of my old knitting and crochet projects, with a view to getting them recorded.  It’s nice to know what you’ve done, in what yarn, and how it turned out.  Today I took pictures of a crocheted shawl in autumn colors.


It’s a German pattern, called Schultertuch — which I suspect means “shoulder shawl”.  Even unblocked, it’s pretty, and much easier than it looks.

I chose to finish it with a beaded edge.



It was fun to do, in a gorgeous variegated yarn, and it’s going to be hard to part with it when the time comes.


Hmm.  Maybe I’ll just keep it — and make another to give away!

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Faeries’ Garden   1 comment

With a couple of great-grandchildren coming along, I’ve been knitting and crocheting away.  I was struck by an especially lovely blanket, a free pattern on Ravelry, called the Faeries Baby Sampler.  (Ravelry is a site for knitters and crocheters, with thousands of free or paid-for patterns.)  Since at least one of the babies was going to be a boy, I decided to do it in earth, water, and sky colors.


The more I crocheted, the more I thought of a garden; so in my mind, I’ve been calling it the Faeries’ Garden project.

It’s not a beginner’s pattern.  Nearly every row is a different stitch, and it takes careful counting to keep all of the rows the correct repeat.


Since it was a garden, I thought a resident would be nice; so I whipped up a Tiny Striped Turtle — also a free Ravelry pattern — to go along with the blanket.  Here he is, admiring the “sun” reflected in the central “pond”.


I’m on row 42, out of 53, and my wrist is beginning to give out.  It’s about big enough, though.  Just another row . . . or two . . . or three . . .

Oh, my.

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It’s Going to Be a while . . .   1 comment

. . . before our lives are back to normal.  We’re coping pretty well, but still discovering things that Billy can’t do with one arm, so I’m staying pretty close.

He’s sleeping in his recliner, so I’m sleeping in mine, in case he needs anything in the night.  Our bed is not being neglected, however.  I went in there this morning to find all three Border Collies curled up on it.  Peaches would have been up there too, but she’s never worked out the proper procedure for getting up onto a bed.  She takes a run at it, jumps up, hits mid-belly, and falls back off.  It’s just as well, considering her obsession with mud; even though we keep an old washable blanket on top.

Since I’m mostly staying in, I was glad that friend Peggy brought by the knitting kit that she kindly ordered for me.  It looks like this . . .


That’s enough to keep a knitter busy for a while.  And it’s going to make a really colorful afghan.  I’ve started one square; 99 to go!

Addendum: 100 to go; I just ripped out that first square.  It was too big.  Oh, well . . . 100 plus the border.

But Billy is doing much better!

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