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Xena and Peaches   3 comments

I watched an interesting interaction between Xena and Peaches this morning, and was lucky enough to have the iPhone in my pocket.  It went like this.

Xena: “Hmm . . . here’s a nice piece of horse hoof from when that farrier was here the other day.  Yummy!”


Peaches:  “Oh! Oh!  Oh!  Xena’s got something good!”


Peaches:  “What is it?  What is it?  Is it good?”


Peaches:  “Can I have it?  Please please please?”


Xena:  (long-suffering sigh)

Peaches “Yum yum yum!”


Peaches lost it a few minutes later.

Poor Xena.


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Pearly Gates?   2 comments

I stumbled out the door with Peaches yesterday and looked politely away while she did her business.  Luckily I looked to the east, because this is what I saw.  I ran for my camera.


It looked as if the Pearly Gates had opened, and the Heavenly Host was streaming out.

july28dawn 2

There’s a name for these rays, but I’ll have to look it up.  They feature in some of the most glorious skies.

july28dawn 3

Thanks, Peaches, for getting me up — even if it was five in the morning!

P. S.  They’re called crepuscular rays — rather an ugly name for a beautiful phenomenon.

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Yet Another Dawn — and Another Fire   Leave a comment

I’ve seen more of these in the last couple of weeks than I have in months.


Peaches has been yelling that she needs OUT at about five-thirty; this morning, though, it was about four-thirty.  Oh, well; she’s holding it as long as she can.

It didn’t seem like too much later when the phone rang.  It was a boarder, Janelle, wanting to know if we’d seen the fire.  What fire?  Where?  She wasn’t quite sure, as she was on the road and it was hard to tell, but there was a lot of black smoke in our direction.

When I looked out, there was a fire to the west; but it was across the river, a good way off, and there was little wind.  Not something to worry about — though it’s a little hard not to.

Marion sent me a couple of pictures taken from the bluffs.  The fire is under the gray arrow; the white arrow shows about where we are.


There’s a streak of smoke in the background.  It’s not from this little fire, for sure.  It must be from one of the larger fires to the south.

Here’s a closer picture . . .

marionsfirejul27 2edit

You can see the line of dead trees from the earlier fire.

It’s not been a good year for firefighters.  They do a great job, though.  This little fire was out very quickly.  There’ll be others, though; we’ll hope for a wet autumn.

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Keeping Busy   Leave a comment

Peaches has been in residence nearly two weeks, and taking care of her has become — almost — routine.  It’s fun to watch her discover new things.  Who knew a scallop squash made an intriguing ball?

It’s nice, though, to have Xena helping out.  After a session of wrestle-around-the-living-room, Peaches is more than ready for a nice long nap.  So is Xena, for that matter.

Here they are on the grass a few mornings ago.  It’s pretty early, and though Peaches is ready to play, Xena’s not quite awake yet and is ignoring her.


It shouldn’t be too long before I can get back to my regular routine of walking and working/playing with the equine members of the family.  Well — mostly the regular routine.  It could be close to a year before Peaches becomes a full-fledged Queen of the Ranch.  She’ll have to share her reign with Xena, though.

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Busted Beetle   Leave a comment

My faithful blue Beetle is suddenly having problems.  First, the driver’s side window made a horrendous shattering sound, then sighed slowly down.  It’s busted, and not for the first time.  When we bought it in 2001, Volkswagen had this problem with a lot of the New Beetles.  They fixed ours several times.  The last time, they guaranteed the window for life.  Well, it didn’t quite make it — but ten years is pretty good.  (It’s an ’01, but has less than fifty thousand miles on it.)  Anyhow, the air conditioning doesn’t work well with the window down, it’s obvious to any passer-by that it’s not locked, and it rained through the open window.  Luckily — or just because it’s July in Bakersfield — it didn’t rain much.

Then the check engine light came on.  Last, I discovered my horn won’t blow.  Our shade tree mechanics can’t do much about the horn or the window, so it’ll have to go in to the dealer.  I just hope they stand by their lifetime guarantee.

That curious mockingbird is still hanging around.  It really seems to enjoy watching us — up close and personal.



I guess if you have to have a nosy neighbor, one with feathers is best.

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Sunrises   1 comment

I’ve seen a lot more sunrises since Peaches moved in.


She has consented to move my wake-up call from five to six.  That would be better if her bedtime was earlier than two in the morning.  Still, she’s improving all the time.

The relations with the other dogs, especially Xena, are fascinating.  At first, Xena wouldn’t even look at her, and refused to come in the house at all.  Then she started coming in for dinner, and the worst of the heat.  The first sign of a real change was when big ol’ Skip the pointer showed up.  He hadn’t seen Peaches before, and was goggling at her in amazement.  As he approached hesitantly, suddenly Xena was there.  She stepped between them and gave him a hard stare.  Skip, three times her size, backed away and left in a hurry.

Since then, Xena has been Peaches’ big sister.  They wrestle and play a lot, and Xena is very gentle with her — but Peaches isn’t gentle in return.  Occasionally Xena jumps up on the couch to get away from sharp puppy teeth, and jousts with her from there.


She’ll have a problem when Peaches gets a little taller.

Peaches’ back end is damp, because she just got out of Xena’s water dish her bathtub.


She spends ten minutes or so snoozing, then retires to her cool place behind the toilet.  That’s where she is now.

At least I think so . . . maybe I’d better check.

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Not Peaches   1 comment

I finally did take a picture or two that did not feature Peaches.  It was hard.

But this rather scruffy mockingbird seemed to want his picture taken.  He’s been watching us from the top of the patio cover for a couple of days — as close as six feet away.  It’s hard to tell if he finds the person or the puppy more interesting — but I suspect it’s the puppy.


I think we need a new board or two.

The dragonflies are thick, and spend most of the day hovering above our lawn.  This flame skimmer paused on an elderberry long enough for me to get his portrait.


Oh, what the heck — here’s one puppy picture.  Whenever Peaches goes missing, I find her sitting in Xena’s water dish, apparently meditating.


She’s due for a bath.  I wonder if the water will be so appealing when soap is involved?

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