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Kody’s Little Joke   Leave a comment

Kody is a very expressive pony; often you can almost hear him talking.  He’d give Mr. Ed a run for his money.  The trouble is, quite often it’s Evil Pony that’s speaking.  Especially around bath time.

The trouble is that it’s hard for the crew to avoid overfeeding him, unless he has his very own grass/alfalfa bales.  Straight alfalfa is just too rich for ponies.  They ran out for one feeding, with the result that his tail was clotted with manure.  I had gotten most of it, but today I set out to get the rest.  As long as I was at it, I shampooed his mane.  It’s 72 today.  There was no danger of getting him chilled.

As any horse owner will tell you, the bath is the easy part.  It’s what happens afterward that’s discouraging.  As humid as it is out there, no point in tying him up to dry.  I just turned him out into his freshly-cleaned pen.  Here’s what he did.

“I’ll bet you think you won.  You got me clean.  Well, just watch.”


“First I have to pick just the right spot.  Ah, there’s some leftover pee and poop . . . right here.”


“Here I go!  Are you watching?”

kodybath4“Ahhh . . . that feels good.”


“Well!  I guess that’ll show you!”


I shall not show his other side.  It’s just too painful . . . at least we found another grassy bale.

They’re still predicting rain, which he will no doubt use to finish the job.  So far, though, it’s just gray and cloudy.  I’m still using the iPhone for pictures, until I can get to the camera doctor.  I’m afraid it’s too late, though.

Gee . . . I’ll just have to buy a new camera!


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Kody’s Big Adventure   1 comment

It was still grey and drizzly this morning, but the rest of the day has been pleasant.  I decided to get little Kody up, and turn him out in the big pasture.  I figured he’d enjoy running around and visiting.

He did.  At least the visiting part.

“I have to let this big boy know who’s the boss around here!”

 “What do you mean, it isn’t me??”

“Well, I guess I could wander around a little . . . what?  You want me to TROT?”

“Hey, this is kind of fun!  Do you like my big Welsh trot?”

Of course, this lasted about thirty seconds before he claimed he was Tired Out.  He was sorry, though, because then we went and had a nice tail wash.  He needed it.  He’s going to get another tomorrow, weather permitting.

While we were out there, I saw the coyote people have been reporting walk past.  I almost couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was, because it had an obvious case of mange.  It had almost no hair on its tail, and didn’t look healthy at all.  I’m afraid there’s not going to be a good ending to his story.

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Rain at Last   Leave a comment

We had a great sunset (to go with the great sunrise) last night.  It’s wonderful to see how the sky changes in a few minutes.

But the great thing was that today it actually rained hard enough to hear it on the roof, and moisten the ground afterward.

It was only enough to wash off the dust, and darken the ground for about an eighth of an inch, but Xena and I sure enjoyed it.

It’s so nice to come in without dust on your shoes.

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Rosy Dawn   Leave a comment

The sun rose rosy behind the power lines this morning.  That’s supposed to be a sign of rain . . . we’ll see.

It’s been a quiet day today.  I spent most of it banking and shopping.  The weatherman this morning told us that the rain was probably going to pass right over us, due to the rain shadow.  Then a few minutes later he predicted a sixty percent chance of rain tomorrow.  I hope he’s right the second time.

Here are the last liquidambar leaves that I was trying to post yesterday.  If we get wind, they’ll really be the last ones.

Until tomorrow . . .

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Late Fall   Leave a comment

It looks as if I got my iPhone just in time, because my camera has given up the ghost entirely.  I’m not blaming it, because it’s certainly had cause.  I imagine the beginning of the end was when it fell out of the pony cart.

Anyway, it was the iPhone I took out to record the liquidambar’s slow journey into winter.  The leaves are very few, now; not enough to hide the dove that was watching me with interest.  There was a single little goldfinch, too, but he was too small and quick to capture.

The pinkelponkers are much more prominent.  They look so much like tiny UFOs.

Still, there are spots where the leaves are beautiful.

Especially when they are backlit.

Well, WordPress is declining to show the backlit picture.  Maybe tomorrow.

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The Wading Pool   1 comment

Today was a training day in the arena, after yesterday’s peaceful ambling around.  They set up a nice group of obstacles; the “cowboy curtain”, several tarps, and the most interesting of the day — a plain plastic wading pool.

The horses were skeptical about this innovation, to say the least.  But one by one, they consented to follow their handlers through.  Some found it more difficult than others.  The little Paint mare managed quite nicely, as she does with everything she is asked to do.

The bay roan filly was a little more hesitant, but she did fine.

This four-year-old buckskin gelding was the only one I observed from first to last.  He didn’t like the look of that blue thing much.

And he was really disappointed that it didn’t have any food in it.

But he went in eventually.

Good boy!

Walking over that flimsy, crackly, crunchy thing was a real test of trust and obedience.  They all passed with flying colors.

The wading pool, now — it didn’t have a very good time.  It was pretty torn up by the end.  I guess horses aren’t really intended to play in a kiddie pool.

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After Thanksgiving   Leave a comment

Things are getting back to normal, after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  It was a beautiful day, with lots of riders enjoying themselves.

It’s always fun to see the little kids being carted around on their folks’ horses.  My camera was acting up again — these are iPhone shots — so I missed the cutest part.  But the grown-ups were having a good time, too.

Horses and riders were just ambling around the arena, relaxed and happy.  I was interested by one small visitor.  I had never seen a live Bull Terrier before, only those in commercials.

He was a very well-behaved little guy, only five months old, and a bit bewildered by his surroundings.  He’s not only a Bull Terrier, but a miniature Bull Terrier, and his name is Nixon.  I think I can see a certain resemblance around the eyes.

By the way, our belated Thanksgiving went very well.  I tried a method I’d read about, in which you roast the turkey for the first couple of hours breast down, and then turn it over to finish cooking.  I’ve always had a problem with overly rare drumsticks, and this certainly seemed to help.  I’d do it again that way.

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