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I’m having to stick close to home for a few days — poor Billy’s down with a bad back.  He’s been to the doctor, and is much more comfortable now with a shot and a prescription.  It’s just muscular, but very painful.  Anyone who knows him knows how hard it is to keep him from doing his rounds, checking every horse several times a day — or night.

He’s feeling much better, but until he gets more mobile, I’m staying where I can keep an eye on him.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a second ripple afghan, this one in blue and turquoise only.


I started it this summer, when the first one got too hot and heavy.  Then this one did too, so it’s a good thing the weather has changed.  It’s smaller than the other one, more of a lap blanket.

The colors are worked from dark to light, trying to suggest ocean waves breaking in the shallows.  Now it’ll go from light to dark, to finish.  It’s more practical to have dark colors at the ends — they tend to get dragged around.

The weatherman is still predicting rain for the weekend.  It’ll be so nice to go for a trail ride, with everything smelling clean and sweet, and the dust tamed underfoot.  We’ll see . . .





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While I Was Gone . . .   Leave a comment

. . . I snapped some dawn pictures.  (Gone as in the computer was down; I didn’t actually go anywhere.)

The mountains were clear, as if they had been drawn with a sharp pencil.


Unusually, the most spectacular clouds were off to the south, past the old poplar.


I won’t be seeing any sunrises for a while — daylight saving time is coming to an end.

Maybe if I get up a little earlier . . . naah.

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The little mini horse that was visiting went on his way this morning.  As I understand it — I didn’t get to talk to the ladies too much — he’s on his way to join a group of driving enthusiasts who are planning to drive to Florida.  Drive their horses, that is.  It seems they are going to haul them to a gathering point, drive a certain distance and meet someone who will care for the horses while they go back and fetch their RVs and trailers, and drive those back to join up with their horses.  Then they will do it again — all the way to Florida.

It sounds awfully complicated, but they must have planned carefully.  I know long-distance rides like this have been done on horseback, but the wagons and carriages add a new element.

I believe the mini is not planning to do the whole thing, since the company includes everything from draft horses on down, but will do the stages best suited to his size.  That seems reasonable; he’d be taking three or four strides for every one of the big horses’.

The best of luck to them, and good weather, too.

It’s beautiful weather here, and the salvia is still heavy with bloom.


The hummingbirds really appreciate it, and so do the bumblebees.  I haven’t been able to catch them in the act of feeding, though.

And there’s rain in the forecast — for Halloween!  Talk about trick or treat . . .

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I haven’t blogged in a few days, because the computer’s been down.  It caught a nasty virus, and it took a while for grandson Billy to find the time to fix it.  He’s very good, though — and free — and it’s fine now.

While he was working on it, he copied all of my pictures onto a detachable hard drive, so that they would be safe in event of a real computer disaster.  He was a little startled to find that there were about 22,000 of them.  So was I.  I would have guessed about five thousand, but since I always save the originals when I edit them for the blog, that nearly doubles the number.  Anyway, they’re all safely backed up now.

There’s been a lot going on.  Besides the computer, my car’s in the shop.  It was supposed to get its window repaired Friday, but they were busy and it went back today.  The stove’s new cooktop has not yet come in, and I’m still cooking on three burners.  (That’s probably true mentally, as well.)  And I mentioned the computer.  Our mechanical friends have not been cooperative lately.

What has been going on?  Well, PG&E just left, after replacing Andrew’s power pole.  Peaches wanted to help . . .


. . . but I didn’t let her.

We have an adorable visitor; this mini horse is staying with us for a week.


I just love his iddy biddy blankie and tiny fly mask.  And I’d love to have one of his fairy-like horseshoes.


Sarah gave her stepmom a riding lesson on Aggie this morning, and rode Bella while she did it.


Her dad got it all on camera . . . but I didn’t get Sarah’s hat.


It was dusty, because the pump was shut down due to the PG&E activity.


Bella looks a bit bored in these pictures, and that’s good.  She learned that she didn’t have to speed up just because the other horse did.  That’s an important lesson.

More about the mini later.  He’s got a very interesting story.

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I’ve been working on various Christmas projects lately, both knitting and crochet.  Some of the larger things have gotten put aside for the moment, in favor of items that have a chance of actually getting done by December.  The ripple blanket, though, is getting some attention.

Here’s how it looked in September . . .


Here’s how it looks now.



It’s coming along . . . slowly.  The trouble is (besides the imminence of Christmas) is that it’s been too warm to work on anything large enough to cover your lap.  I’ve tried kind of dangling it over the arm of my chair, but it’s too heavy.  It pulls the stitches sideways.

Still, I like it, and someday it will get finished.  Maybe I’ll be able to give it to someone next Christmas . . . or the one after that.


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There was a wreck up on Manor yesterday.  Luckily no one was hurt.  We missed it entirely, and might have never known what had happened if Marion hadn’t seen it.

Someone must have dumped a box with a mother dog and a litter of pups — right by the side of the road.  The pups got out in the traffic lanes, and a car braking for them was hit from behind by a second vehicle.  It appeared that no one was hurt, but the frightened pups made for a traffic hazard.  No one wants to run over a puppy — well, no one except the kind of person who would dump them in the first place.

The fire department arrived, and spent some time trying to catch them.  They were frightened, the brush was thick — in short, it wasn’t easy.


I don’t know how many they caught, if any.  Later that day a boarder leading a horse through told us that there was a pack of dogs down by the bridge, scaring the horses.  Billy drove down there.  He saw nothing, but could hear what sounded like small dogs barking.  It could have been the pups, or the small feral pack from across the river.  At any rate, we haven’t seen anything of them today.  I took Kitty and rode around down by the bridge, and there was no sign of dogs.  Well, not counting mine. running in enthusiastic circles.  I’m sure they would have let me knowif they had found any sign of strangers.

I suppose people who dump dogs figure they are doing them a favor by not taking them to the pound, but they’re really condemning them to an unpleasant end.  It just takes a little longer.

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The days are much shorter now.  It’s kind of nice to get up and see the dawn . . .


. . . without exactly getting up any earlier.  6:30 is our rising time, pretty much all year.

It’s been a frustrating few days.  I made our first big pot of Two-day Vegetable Soup for the year.  That was good; but somehow I didn’t notice I had laid a black plastic ladle down on the burner until much later.  When I did, I thought the melted residue was just a bit of burned food, and scraped it enthusiastically with a knife.  I chipped the glass top of the electric stove

Gotta have a new one . . .

Then we had a horse get loose yesterday.  Not just any horse, but a flighty mare that is nearly impossible to catch.  Something spooked her, and she hit her stall gate so hard she broke the chain and got loose.  The gate, though, was jammed open, so we couldn’t shoo her back in and close it.  I jumped in the Beetle and went to get some WD-40 to spray on the hinges.  That worked, and, with a lot of cooperation from bystanders, we got her back in safely.  But . . . as I got back in to the Beetle, the passenger side window sighed down.  The bouncing around in the ruts had broken the window mechanism — again.  It had been repaired at the dealer about a year ago, and we just had the driver’s side window repaired by our local (excellent; Hudson’s on Roberts Lane) mechanic.

Gotta have a new one . . .

The Beetle has been a great little car otherwise, but I don’t think we’ll get another.  It’s been an expensive few days, too.

I bought Billy three new winter shirts today.  He insists the old ones are just fine, despite an assortment of large holes.  “But they’re nice and soft,” he insists.  Sorry, Billy; but these are nice soft flannel, too.  And they don’t have holes.

Winter is coming . . . haven’t I heard that before, somewhere?

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