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What a Sunset!   Leave a comment

I almost didn’t blog today, it got so late; but I wanted to share last night’s sunset . . .


In a word . . . Wow!


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Knitting   Leave a comment

I haven’t blogged much about my knitting, but I’m keeping it up.  Here’s my latest project.  It’s the beginning of a scarf or shawl, depending on how big it gets before I get bored.


It’s a good pattern for using up all of that scrap yarn most knitters have lying around, and its very appropriate name is Riot — as in riot of color.

Bella says, “The heck with that stuff!  Let’s scamper!”


It’s supposed to be much warmer the rest of the week — more time for ponies!


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Riding Out   Leave a comment

It’s dry enough to ride out today, and people are taking advantage of it.  Here’s an adorable pair — or quartet — or more, counting the horses.  This is Cheryl, her granddaughter Isabella, Jennifer, and her granddaughter . . . uh . . . I’m sorry, I forgot her name!  I need to find out the horses’ names, too.  Anyway, here they are, being cute.

ridingout 2

I’ll have to get all of the names.  These are two great horses; it’s not just any horse you can trust with your little granddaughter on behind.

Billy and the crew are busy building six more pens.  We are full — more than full, actually — and have people wanting to move in.  I’ll get over and get pictures of the new pens.

It’s nice to be wanted!

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After the Rain   Leave a comment

It’s been a very wet few days.  Every bit of it was needed and wanted, but the aftermath takes a little dealing with.  The mud is deep and slippery, making things difficult for the feed truck.  You can see the slushy spots, but they made it through!

jan27 2

The dogs and I went out exploring this afternoon.  The river is a lot deeper, and Xena had to test it out.

jan27 5

Nobody else wanted to go in.  It was chilly out there without being wet.  But it was nice to see all of that water.

jan27 6

Compare this with this shot of the exact same spot a couple of weeks ago.


It’s a real river again!


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It Never Rains . . .   Leave a comment

. . . but it pours.  In more ways than one.  It’s been a busy two days — too busy even to blog.

Thursday was a very pleasant day.  Our knitting group, the Knittsie Chicks, went on a field trip.  We visited two of the four yarn shops in the area, then had a delicious lunch at the Guild House.  Then most of us went on to a third yarn shop; but I hitched a ride home.  I don’t like to leave Billy alone for too long.

The next day he wasn’t feeling well, and we ended up taking him to Emergency with abdominal pain.  Since he has a colostomy, and is almost eighty, this is not the kind of thing to fool around with.  He and I spent most of the day there.  It was Not Fun.  However, a little medication eased his pain, and we ended up going home about five o’clock.  By this morning, he was feeling pretty well, just a little sore and tired.  Now he seems to be over it, and is busy making his rounds and keeping the crew busy as usual.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting some much-needed rain.  This was the view Thursday morning . . .


Since then, we’ve gotten quite a bit more.  The dogs are busy bringing their muddy feet into the house.  Xena got rolled in a puddle by the big pointer Skip, and she brought her muddy everything into the house.  Ah, well; you can’t be house-proud in this business.  Well, I guess you could, but you’d be driven out of your mind very soon!

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Among the Missing   Leave a comment

I went out the other day and found the duster I use for my cart missing.  It was stored with the tools right beside that cart.  The cover was there, but no duster.

Then today I went out to use my pooper scooper, kept by the garage door, and it was gone.  It was not a standard scooper, but one like a curved rake.  It was ideal for scooping from a lawn.  Incidentally, our dogs don’t do their business on the lawn.  This is a visiting dog; and when he’s not here — no little presents.  Or rather large presents.

But I couldn’t figure what anyone would want with either duster or scooper.  Usually when stuff goes missing, it’s one of our wandering river-dwellers who needed it.  But I can’t imagine any of them having a use for a duster or a scooper.

Billy suggested that one of our visiting rugrats might have taken them for toys, and carted them off.  That sounds possible.  In that case, they should show up eventually.  Meanwhile, I’ll have to find other ways to dust and scoop.

Kind of a gray day here . . . so here’s a picture from the past worth seeing again.



High grass and sparkling dew . . . no drought then.

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Perils of the Library   1 comment

A few days ago, brother Jim e-mailed me a request.  There was a family story that our dad had his picture published in the paper in 1944.  It showed him as the first soldier in the European Theatre of Operations to vote in the November 7, 1944 elections.  (He voted for FDR, of course.)  He wasn’t sure if the picture was in the Taft Midway Driller, or the Bakersfield Californian.  Both had microfilm archives in the Beale Library here in Bakersfield.  Would I see if I could find that picture?  Of course, I said yes.  It sounded fascinating.

The library hours are so much shorter now that it was hard for me to get in to give it a try.  I finally made it today.  I was directed to the microfilm room, upstairs.

I arrived there slightly breathless — stairs!  Good exercise! — and a nice lady helped me find the right reel of film, and threaded it up.  It took me a little while to get the hang of the machine, but soon I was whizzing through the back issues of the Californian.  I kept stopping to look at interesting headlines.  There was everything from the first V2 bombardments in England, to the formation of the Delano Saddle Club.  (When I got home, Billy told me that the head of that group was his cousin Danny’s father.)  The comics were fun, too.  I had completely forgotten about “Boots and her Buddies”– it was forgettable — and how much I had loved the J. R. Williams “Out Our Way” cartoons.  Especially the ones featuring cowboy Curly and his friends.  And I didn’t know that FDR had won by the smallest margin in history, at that time.  I would have thought it would be a landslide.

But time was passing, and I started whizzing through quickly, checking only the first two pages and the page about local soldiers.  I got to November 8 before I noticed I was feeling a little queasy, but I soldiered (small joke) on.  I was on November 12 before I realized the problem.

I was carsick.  Very carsick.

Actually microfilm sick.  It seems that those pages zipping by had the same effect as rolling waves at sea, or a mountain road.  I decided that November 11 was far enough, and gave it up for the day.  It took a surprisingly long time to get over it.

But I tried, Jim, and I’ll tackle the Midway Driller after I recover.

It really was fun.

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