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I’ve been meaning to add this mare to my Unusual Colors collection, but today was the day I happened to walk by with my camera.  At first glance, she looks like a palomino with a rather dirty tail.

If you look more closely, though, you can see she has some things a true palomino doesn’t have.  A line down her back, for one thing, and a harder-to-see blotch across her shoulders.

It takes a really close look to see the faint striping on her legs.

All of these mean that she carries two genes for color; the dilution gene which lightens color and produces palomino, and the dun gene which is the most primitive horse color.  So, of course, someone came up with “dunalino” to describe this color.  It’s attractive, but not as spectacular as a true palomino can be.  And it’s a nice addition to my color photos.

Today is Halloween, of course, but we aren’t likely to get any trick-or-treaters.  In fact, we’ve never had any.  I guess coming down that long road in the dark would be just a little too spooky.  I have seen a devil and an Indian ride by, so someone must be doing a horsy costume party somewhere.  A horse on your doorstep would be a little too much for most people.


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What a beautiful day!  Bright and sunny, temperature in the low eighties, and blue skies — very blue skies for Bakersfield.

I should know by now — never go out without the camera.  On an earlier walk, not one but a pair of red-tailed hawks exploded out of the trees, screeching in apparent irritation at being disturbed.  I think they’ve taken up residence in this old cottonwood.

So I missed the birds, but at least I got the tree!

The cottonwoods aren’t going to give us much of a show of color this year, because most of the leaves are already on the ground.  The very oldest, like the one above, are rooted deeply enough to survive, if not flourish.  The younger ones are iffy.

Uh-oh!  I just heard quiet munching sounds behind me, looked around, and discovered Xena chewing the cord to my camera battery in half.  Luckily it wasn’t plugged in.  She’s never chewed electric cords before — and a good thing, too.  I’d better lock her out of here when I’m on the computer and not paying attention to her.  I guess the cord can be replaced.  An electrified dog can’t be.

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Web of Intrigue   Leave a comment

It’s the name of a daylily.  It’s been in a post this spring, but it decided to have one more round before winter sets in.  I didn’t even notice it until around sunset, but it was still perfect.

I gave it a little sprinkle just to enjoy the sparkle of the water drops.

Later I used Paint Shop Pro to make a mandala from it.

You can get a lot of entertainment out of one little flower — if you’re easily entertained.

Kody and Duffy got their feet trimmed today.  Big old Duffy is no trouble at all, but little Kody wants to wiggle — especially when he’s been taken away from his breakfast.  He stands much better if you let him lick your hands.  By the time we were done, my hand was covered in pony spit.  Well, it’s nice clean slobber; but I did wash my hands before I went in to breakfast!

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This morning I made my weekly trip to Barnes and Noble; then I came home and watched figure skating on TV; then I watched the bull riding finals.  That made an interesting contrast.

In other words, I’ve done nothing worth noting today, so here’s a pretty picture instead.

This is the beautiful but rare Bakersfield cactus blooming nearby.  I’ve also heard it called Kern County cactus, but a rose by any other name . . . well, you know the saying.

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. . . because at any other time, even around here, you wouldn’t expect to look out of the window and see a horse in a tutu.  And a pink tutu at that.

This sweet little black-and-white Paint didn’t mind; notice the relaxed hind leg.  Well, there was one thing that worried her . . .

“Do you think this makes my rear look fat?”

She’s only a three-year-old, but she’s got a great disposition.

There is a costume class across the river tomorrow, and the tutu is only part of her costume.  I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

There was a poker ride up at the Loop Ranch today.  That’s the place that the famous Tehachapi Loop runs through.  Close to sixty riders showed up, including a bunch of ours, and it sounds like everyone had a good time.  There were people going in every direction today.  Andrew and some buddies went on a trail ride up at the Toll House ranch, some others trailered out to the Carrizo Plains, and there were the usual riders that just went around the river bottom.  It’s really nice to see so many enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

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This and That   Leave a comment

Brandi’s roan gelding is coming along well.  He’s accepting the saddle and bridle, longing, and is ready to start ground driving.  I went out about sunset last night and watched them.  The days are sure getting short!

I slodged through the sand this morning — great exercise — and took a shot looking upriver.  There’s water up there farther.

There would be some water seeping down beneath the sand, so the trees upriver don’t look as bad as ours.  It’s hard to remember that for many years, this was the normal way for the river to look!  It wasn’t until the city took over the water rights years ago that we began expecting actual water in the river.

I haven’t done a Floral Friday in a long time.  Flowers are in short supply, too.  There is a cluster of daylilies looking like they’ll bloom soon, but for now, this late rose is about all.

It’s a pretty, old-fashioned one, though, with a rich pink color.

There’s not much of a theme to this entry.  It’s been a pleasant but unremarkable day . . . and I mean that in a good way.

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David and I loaded Bella up yesterday and headed for Lancaster, to take her to Trish the trainer for advanced work.  We were a little concerned, with such a light load, about the desert winds.  They weren’t a problem though, and everything went very well — except I forgot part of her harness (the most important part) and I forgot to take any pictures.  I’ll be going up later to check on her progress, though, and maybe I won’t forget then.

On the way back, we stopped at the Apple Shed in Tehachapi and pigged out.  My diet was thoroughly broken by their Tehachapi Burger — a beef patty on grilled sourdough with cheese, bacon, and grilled onion.  Then we didn’t get past the fresh-made fudge.  I nobly didn’t eat any then, but took it home to Billy.  It was half Dulce de Leche (caramel) and half Peanut Butter Explosion.  I did steal a tiny bite from Billy when we got home.

We got a five-month old filly in last week, and the owners want a halter left on her.  Ordinarily we recommend against that, but this is not a well-handled baby, and they need to be able to catch her.  She lost the halter she had on, and it took three people to get one back on.  The first one was a little tight, so we substituted one that Bella had outgrown and snugged it up.  A baby that has not had a lot of handling takes work.  You can see her eyeing the camera with distrust, and showing no desire at all to come over and see the human.

By way of contrast, here’s the well-handled Paint filly down the row.  It would be hard to get a full picture of her, because she — and her Mom, and her neighbor — immediately comes over to see what you are doing.

It’s not too late for the bay filly, though.  All it takes is time and patience.  Working with a baby can be a lot of fun; I hope the owners take their time and have the time for her.  They’re going to try.

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