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Silver Grass and Golden Groves   Leave a comment

We had a harder frost this morning.  I didn’t get out until after eight, and it was just thawing.

We have this gray-green, possibly native, grass along the river and around the arena.  It’s nothing much to look at most of the time; very short and bunchy.  After a frost, though, it’s silver and diamonds.

Meanwhile, the willows are at last turning color.

You can find every shade of gold and green imaginable . . .

Silver and diamonds, gold and emerald, all on the same day.  Who needs pirate treasure?

Meanwhile, every fly in creation is hell-bent on getting in the house where it’s Warm.  When you open the south-facing door in the morning, it’s speckled with hopeful flies.  Well, they’ll be gone soon enough.


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First Frost   Leave a comment

Well, Jack Frost kissed us last night, but it was a bare peck on the cheek, not a passionate smooch.  I went out so early to get this that the camera refused to operate without the flash.  By the time the sun was all of the way up, it had melted. 

They’re predicting more frost tonight, with lows around 32 in the rural areas.  It’ll be nice to be rid of the flies; and that fire really feels good in the morning.  We had embers when we got up, so we got it going right away.  It’s a burn day, but as we have no natural gas, we’re exempt anyway.  Thank goodness.

Right now, the turkey carcass is in the pot boiling down for soup tomorrow.  The house smells good, and is nice and warm.  It’ll be a cozy evening . . .

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News Flash!   Leave a comment

We’ve got puddles!  See?

That was the view outside this morning.  It started raining just after five in the evening, even as Alissa on Channel 17 was predicting that we might get a trace along about four or five in the morning.  First just a patter on the roof, then a real (if brief) downpour.  The rain coming off of the roof made solid rods; brownish at first, then crystal clear.  It was glorious.

We didn’t get a lot by most standards, but we appreciated every drop.  Here’s the view out the back door this morning — wet and cloudy.

It’s cleared off now, and the freshly washed leaves are showing off.  This poplar, with its pointed top, is the best tree to watch for wind direction; here, from the south.  Storm’s over.

Things are drying out already.  The only trouble is that now there’s enough moisture in the air to make tule fog.

Maybe we’ll get another storm to clear things out.  Are you listening, Mother Nature?

P. S.  We’ve got our first fire of the year going in the fireplace.  I’m going to go sit by it right now.

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Riders Three   2 comments

Here’s a happy trio headed out for a ride; boarders Monica and Tina, and Tina’s daughter Carli.  (I think I’m right on her name? ?)

Here they are from the other direction.

It’s a good day for a ride, but tomorrow it’s supposed to . . . (brace yourselves) rain!  And it’s going to be much colder.  The clouds are coming in, so maybe it’ll really happen this time.

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It’s Thanksgiving . . .   2 comments

. . . everyone have a really good feast!

Here’s one of the many things I’m thankful for; our river.

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Waiting for Thanksgiving   Leave a comment

Not much going on today; the biggest question around is whether those greenish bananas are going to be ripe enough to put in the ambrosia salad tomorrow.  I’ll bake one pumpkin pie tonight and another tomorrow morning. 

Billy and grandson Andrew went out to treat a hoof abcess earlier.  The poor critter was dead lame and in a lot of pain until the vet drained the abcess yesterday.  Now all it takes is careful packing and wrapping, plus some oral Bute.  The outer wrap is duct tape, because it is tough enough to take the horse’s weight and motion for a day.  What would we ever do without duct tape, especially in Oildale?

How about a pretty picture to end up with?  Here’s a tiger swallowtail, from ’07.


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Another Beautiful Day   Leave a comment

First, here’s Vinnie, that horse who got that nasty cut on the 4th of July.  He and his happy owner are out for their first ride since that terrible day.  You can hardly see the scar in his flank.  He behaved nicely, by the way, for a spirited horse who hasn’t been able to run around and play in months.

Marion and I rode today, taking advantage of a beautiful crisp fall day.  It was fairly warm (and seemed warmer) by the time we got back.  We saw at least one pair of wood ducks and lots of mallards and Canada geese in the canal.  Duffy was in something of a hurry going home; he knew his hay was not quite eaten up when we left.  A gaited horse in a hurry can be very pleasant, though!

There are still colorful leaves around the river bottom, including our liquidambar.

It’s a continual wonder to me, seeing how many different colors there can be on the same branch.  They may be there quite a while yet, for the weather continues fair, mild, and dry.

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