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Bella Bemired   1 comment

Bemired means smeared or covered in mud.  It has applied to nearly every horse here in the past couple of weeks, though things are drying out.  Hard-working riders have removed a lot of it from their critters, too.  The critters go back to their stalls and lie happily in the sun — and the remaining mud.

Little Bella isn’t actually too bad, though her tail could definitely use some work.  She was really happy to get out and play in the round pen when it was dry enough, though.


I almost didn’t use this one, because it makes her head look too big.  It captures her smart-aleck attitude very well, though.  You can almost see her sticking out her tongue at me.


We went for a walk around the place after she played, though.  We all enjoyed looking at the changes the rain has made.  Now that the sun is out, you can almost see the grass growing.  Kern County is out of the most extreme drought category now, and Lake Isabella is filling fast.  The Corps of Engineers isn’t going to let it fill up, though, because of worries about leaks in the earthen dam.  That’ll mean quite a lot of water flowing past us.  We’re looking forward to it — but we sure hope everyone is careful.  We’re not used to fast water any more!


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A Tale of Two Ribbons   3 comments

A week or so ago, I noticed boarder Donna’s horse Hans wearing a handsome red ribbon.  He was posing beautifully, so I snapped his picture.


At the time, I didn’t think red was really his color, so I was glad to hear that it was just practice.  He was a little nervous about fluttering ribbons, so this was a chance to get used to them.

I think this one suits him much better.


Their first blue ribbon — training level dressage.  I can tell that Donna thinks blue suits him, too!

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Still Here   2 comments

I may not be posting as much as I used to, but there are times that I just have to.  Yesterday, for example, when grandson Andrew and great-grandson Weston rode up on Kitty, I was sure I would get a great picture.

weston 1

Better try it from the other side; the light’s better.  Look this way, Weston!

weston 2

Oh, well.  Try again.  Look this way, Kitty!

weston 3

Well, this time I got a good one.

weston 4

Darn.  Weston blinked.  Oh, well; maybe next time!

All’s well here; Billy passed his last check up with flying colors.  We’re about to enter another heat wave, but the end is in sight now.  Many kids are going back to school, and the days are perceptibly shorter.  Still, the saying is that fall won’t be here until after the county fair, and that’s almost always been true.  Then I’ll get out and about more, and I hope I’ll do more blogging.

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Flowing Water   Leave a comment

I got out for a ride yesterday — me, Kitty, Peaches, and Xena.  It’s really hard for me to get out of the house before nine o’clock or so, and during a heat wave it’s nearly impossible to get a ride in.  Yesterday, though, wasn’t bad; so we headed out.

I hadn’t been down to the river for several days, so I was surprised to see that it was up.  Not only that, there was water flowing downstream.  That hasn’t happened for a long time.  Apparently the upstream weirs must have been opened.  The willows had their feet in the water. (And here’s the usual shot of Kitty’s ears.)


The dogs, of course, were ecstatic.


Farther up the trail, I found some really pretty spots.  The large coarse leaves in the foreground, though, belong to cockleburs.


Watching Peaches push through them on the way back from her twelfth swim . . .


. . . I was really glad they were still green.

Coming home, I passed great-grandaughter Liliana hanging out with her pony.


It’s great to be a kid with a horse!

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Heat Wave Coming   Leave a comment

We’re due for our second heat wave of the summer — starting on the official first day of summer, which seems appropriate.  They’re forecasting at least ten days over a hundred.  We’ll hope they’re wrong.

Marion and I got in one last ride Friday, before the heat sets in, and here are the requisite pictures.

Marion . . .

marionez jun17

And me . . .

menkitty jun17

Xena made it into the picture, but Peaches is still swimming happily in the lovely cool water.  It’ll be the last time here for a while, though I’ll still take them down to the stretch of river by our house in the evenings.

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We’re Back   Leave a comment

At least I hope so.  It’s been a while, but not on purpose.  I downloaded Windows 10, and I like it a lot — except it couldn’t find any of my pictures.  I played with it a while, trying to figure it out, but no success.  Finally I asked grandson William for help, and he seems to have gotten it fixed.  Let’s see if it will download some photos . . .

Here’s Peaches after a bath.  Jennifer S. and her granddaughter Makayla bathed several of my critters for me, and took these pictures.


Here’s Kody . . .


And Bella . . .


Whew.  It’s working.  I think.

I have some sad news.  Dear old Amber, who used to be my horse, died a couple of days ago.  She was in her late twenties, and extreme heat is hard on old horses.  I haven’t owned her for years, but still feel her loss.  She will be missed.  She was a good horse.

She was also one of the last links to my life on the coast, forty-five years ago.  I bought her after I moved here and married Billy, but she was probably the last foal bred by my old friend Sid Spencer, who raised great Morgans for so many years.  I’ll always look back on the visits to her ranch with pleasure.  It was a beautiful place, and even more so before the best part of it wound up under Lopez Lake.

Old times; gone, but not forgotten.



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Solo   2 comments

I did manage to get in a ride yesterday, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.  My boon companion Marion is down with a wrenched knee (I hope you’re better soon, Marion).  This was probably the last reasonably cool day for a long, time, so I wanted to get out there.  I knew that one of Kitty’s many virtues is that she behaves just as well when she is alone as she does with companions.  If you are a trail rider, you know how nice it is to have a horse who will walk home on a loose rein.

First, I passed a neighboring garden, which was looking really good.  I liked the sign.

ridemay26 5

We stuck close to the riverside, as Peaches was along.  She took every opportunity to have a dip.

ridemay26 4

Here’s the obligatory shot through Kitty’s ears.

ridemay26 2

Help, Mom!  The swamp monster has us!

ridemay26 3

Actually, they were standing in the water, as you can see by the plume of black sediment streaming away.  The water is quite green upstream, but not so much by us.  Maybe that’s because there’s been water there long enough for it to grow algae; maybe because it’s moving much less than it is downstream.

This was very likely Peaches’ last chance to go along on a ride until fall.  She does not take the heat well, even with frequent dips.  I’m glad that she had a good time!

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