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Cisco’s Progress   1 comment

Boarders Dave and Kelly have been working with their perlino colt Cisco, with the goal of making a good driving horse.  They’re doing well with him, taking their time and letting him master one thing before going on to another.  They’ve been getting him used to the training cart, and he’s accepting it nicely.  When it came to the actual pulling, though, he was having problems with the pressure of the collar.  They decided to put him in a breast-collar type harness, and go back a step to get him used to pulling a very light load with his chest.  When they drove through today, he was doing very well.


Cisco is a very handsome young gelding, with excellent conformation to go with his striking cream color.  He’ll be a flashy driving horse, with a great disposition.

Notice the puddle behind him.  It rained last night — three whole tenths of an inch!  I heard it late last night and staggered out to the living room to look and listen.  It’s a beautiful sound.  And it’s supposed to do it again Tuesday.  It may be too late for the grass and wildflowers to get much growth before the heat sets in, but we hope it’s a good sign for next year.


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Poppies   Leave a comment

We don’t have a lot of poppies around the county this year, so I decided to buy some.  A few tame poppies are not the same as an endless field of wild ones, but you can appreciate them as individuals.

Orange isn’t most people’s favorite color, but the glowing golden-orange of a California poppy is something else again.


It’s hard to capture the silky gleam of the petals, but here’s an attempt.


They are amazing when backlit.



The roses are blooming, too, and this little pink one seemed to want to be included.


It’s supposed to rain tonight.  It’d be nice to capture some flowers with rain jeweling their petals . . . it hasn’t happened much this year.

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Rainbow Bright   Leave a comment

Well, we ended up with a measly .01.  As if Mother Nature were trying to make up for her stinginess, she gave us a breathtaking rainbow.  Half of the county, or everyone who was looking out, must have taken a picture or two.  Here are mine.

The north end . . .


. . . and the south end.


It was brighter than the south end, and if you look closely, you can see a hint of a double.  Maybe that was the end with the pot of gold.  I’ll have to ask our resident leprechaun.

Meanwhile, there’s a chance of rain almost every day for the next week.  We’re crossing our fingers.

P. S.  It was too late to ask the leprechaun.  He got discouraged by the drought, and headed for old Erin, looking for some green.  Maybe we’ll see him next year.

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Juliet   Leave a comment

Sister Sally sent news from St. Louis; my niece Emily has been selected to play Juliet for St. Louis Shakespeare.  This is a professional production, and no small honor for a girl still in high school — though that makes her a more authentic Juliet.  Here’s the poster.


Isn’t that romantic?

Around here, things are pretty peaceful.  It’s sprinkled on and off today, but no great amount.  It’s really too late to help much anyway, at least with the grass and wildflowers.

It’s quite cool, but warm enough to walk down to the river and look at the willows.  They’re coming along nicely.

willows4It looks as if the lean black trunks are wearing puffy green lace skirts.


The clouds are rolling in again, so I’ll dash out to the living room in case it rains.  I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of the sound of rain on the roof, and you can only hear it out there!

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Another Old Photo   Leave a comment

I don’t think I’ve used this one before.  It’s the Mission San Antonio Endurance Ride in 1978.  That’s a long time ago!  It was taken just before the start, when we got our little group together in front of the mission.


From the right, Suzanne on Trina; me on Tess; Ferrabie on Jane; and June on Wonder — he was Priscilla’s colt.  Plus an unidentified bearded guy in the background.

I think we were all doing the novice 25-mile ride that year, though Suzanne may have been doing the 50.  Did I say it was a looong time ago?

Here’s a shot of Suzanne at the start.  The padre came out and rang the bell, and they were off.


Trina was a great horse, but a bit too big and muscular for endurance.  It would be a bit like a football player running a marathon; it can be done, but it’s not ideal.  We had a good time, though, and everybody made it.  That’s the endurance motto, anyway; “to finish is to win”.

Those are good memories . . .

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It’s Flower Time   Leave a comment

There may not be a lot of wildflowers out there, but there are plenty of tame flowers around.  I went out and took pictures of some of mine this afternoon.

First, the on-purpose flowers.  A wonderful blue delphinium . . .


. . and a pastel pink pansy.  Say that fast three times.


And the “accidental” flowers.  This orange-red amaryllis seeded itself in a pot of daylilies.


I think it’s trying to take over.

amaryllis2014 2

And I dug this oxalis out of the lawn.  For a weed, it’s sure pretty.


Of course, the flowers are less than an inch across, but they’re free!

There’ll be more flowers around the place soon — since  I can’t stay away from the nurseries at this time of year.



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There were some promising cloud formations off to the west yesterday afternoon.



I was hoping for a gorgeous sunset, but by then these clouds had drifted on.  But even without sunset colors, they were clouds worth a second glance.

This morning I went for my annual checkup, and heard in the waiting room that my PA Janet was running an hour late.  I sighed and picked up a magazine.  It was a travel magazine, with some great color shots of Africa.  I glanced at the cover . . . 1993.  I looked again.  No mistake.  That magazine was 21 years old.  It was probably older than some of the patients.  I know that waiting room periodicals are proverbial, but that’s ridiculous.

Ah, well; Janice caught up, and I didn’t have to wait that long to get into the exam room.  I seem to be in my usual good health, so I have no complaints.

But I think I’ll take them some magazines next time.  Newer than 1993, at least.

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