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At least I hope so.  It’s been a while, but not on purpose.  I downloaded Windows 10, and I like it a lot — except it couldn’t find any of my pictures.  I played with it a while, trying to figure it out, but no success.  Finally I asked grandson William for help, and he seems to have gotten it fixed.  Let’s see if it will download some photos . . .

Here’s Peaches after a bath.  Jennifer S. and her granddaughter Makayla bathed several of my critters for me, and took these pictures.


Here’s Kody . . .


And Bella . . .


Whew.  It’s working.  I think.

I have some sad news.  Dear old Amber, who used to be my horse, died a couple of days ago.  She was in her late twenties, and extreme heat is hard on old horses.  I haven’t owned her for years, but still feel her loss.  She will be missed.  She was a good horse.

She was also one of the last links to my life on the coast, forty-five years ago.  I bought her after I moved here and married Billy, but she was probably the last foal bred by my old friend Sid Spencer, who raised great Morgans for so many years.  I’ll always look back on the visits to her ranch with pleasure.  It was a beautiful place, and even more so before the best part of it wound up under Lopez Lake.

Old times; gone, but not forgotten.




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Time for Ponies   Leave a comment

I’ve spent some time with the ponies lately, exercising and grooming.  They were due to have their feet trimmed today, and I wanted to let them work off any excess energy.

Boarder Brandi caught Bella and me coming back from the round pen last night . . .


You know, I think we could both use a little more exercise.  But the hoof trims went very well!


I think she took this one of Peaches and Gambler a while back.  Peaches just loves horses, and likes to kiss them on the nose.  Sometimes they kiss her back.


I gave Peaches a good grooming, too, which she loves.  At the end she collapses onto her back and waves her paws in ecstasy, while I comb her underside.  After I finished last night, she went out and a few minutes later came back with a currycomb, which I confiscated.  She went out again and came back with a mane comb.

I think she was trying to tell me something.

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More Hairdrifts   1 comment

I hadn’t given Kody a good currying in some time, so I expected to get a lot of hair when I finally did it.

I did.


Sarah helped me get another layer or two.  But there’s still plenty left for the next time.

The people who went to the poker ride in Cuyama are back, and they had a pretty miserable time.  It rained, of course, and it was cold and windy.  They weren’t even allowed to have a fire — they hauled all of the firewood they took right back again.  The rain stopped by the next day, but it was still chilly and breezy.  This time of year, it should have been beautiful.

I’ll bet anyone who tells them that we needed the rain won’t get a good reception.   In fact, they may have to run for their lives.

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Kody’s Complaint   Leave a comment

I washed Kody’s tail today.  He wasn’t thrilled.


“Isn’t it too cold for this?  I’m a senior citizen pony, you know.”


“Oh, there are carrots involved?  That’s all right, then.  But hey — you made my nose look big.”

Notice Peaches in the background.  She’s almost the same color as Kody.  Maybe I could train her to pull a itty-bitty cart, and they could be a matched pair.  Sort of.

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Kleaning up Kody   Leave a comment

I finally got around to giving Kody a bath.  He was in dire need of one.  When I finished with him, he looked pretty good, if wet.


In the sun, his colors look deeper and richer.


I thought I might leave him tied up until he dried, but he’s a busy little dickens and finds ways to get into trouble no matter where you put him.  When I found him trying to pry the boards off the breezeway wall, I put him back in his pen.

Sure enough — plop!  Down he went.




Now for the other side . . .


Oh, well.  Tomorrow I’ll try to brush out all of that mud.

And Sarah ended up 8th in her class.  Not too shabby, for a show as important as the Snaffle Bit Futurity.

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Kody’s Tummy Ache   Leave a comment

Usually, when I skip a day, it’s because I can’t think of anything to say; or I’m having computer problems.  Yesterday, though, it was just too busy.  My little Kody pony had colic.

Colic is not unusual when there’s a drastic change in the weather.  We think maybe it’s because they don’t drink enough in the cooler weather.  Kody had the classic signs of a dehydration colic.  He hasn’t had any problems before in the years we’ve had him, even though colic is supposed to be a common problem in cribbers such as he is.


The usual treatment, with a colic of this sort, is to pass a stomach tube and give them a gallon of mineral oil.  That usually does the job, lubricating the dry mass of undigested food so it can pass on through.  It worked just fine with our little guy, and we celebrated the first pile of (rather dry and hard) manure when it arrived, with the enthusiasm known only to horse owners.

We got some bad news that day.  Our usual vet, neighbor Dr. Paul, called from the hospital.  He’d been treating cattle in a livestock chute, and a bull ran him down.  He has a broken arm, a broken wrist, and a stomped hand.  He said he was going to be out of commission for about six weeks.

Being a large animal vet is not a safe occupation.

Anyway, Kody is passing oil, and his tail and rear end are an oily mess.  It’ll take a day or two for all of the oil to come through so I can clean him up.  We’re glad he’s recovering.  He’s got a sparkling personality, and everyone likes him.

While we were down at his pen, Peaches discovered that she could now drink out of the horse trough like the big dogs.


it wasn’t easy, though!


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Back to the Ponies   Leave a comment

It’s been better than three weeks since anyone but Peaches has gotten much attention.  The ponies are due to get their feet trimmed tomorrow, so I got them up for a little exercise and grooming.

Bella was really glad to be out, and did her usual roan rocket imitation.


Kody couldn’t care less about exercise or grooming, but he’s very clear about wanting his carrot.


Peaches is far enough along with her housebreaking now that I can afford the time for the equines.  In fact, she’s a little too far along.  I knew we were in trouble when she learned to use the dog door.  And go up and down the garage steps.

Luckily, she still spends a great deal of her time sleeping.  She and Xena zonked out together this morning.


They look pretty cute, even though they have gotten the floor and wall even grubbier than usual.

Of course, Peaches woke up first.


I got a reproachful look for disturbing their nice nap.

Peaches doesn’t know it, but she’s due for a bath today.  I was right about one thing from a couple of weeks ago — she doesn’t like water nearly as well when it’s got soap in it.

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