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I am a woman of a certain age who, with my husband Billy, has a boarding stable on the banks of the Kern River in California.  It is a large stable; we care for over 250 horses.  (Edit — over 270 now!) With so many people, horses, and critters, and so much wildlife, I seldom lack a topic for blogging.

Our property consists of about fifty acres of river frontage, divided by a four-lane road.  We get from one side of the property to the other through a flood control tunnel, or under the river bridge.  We live on the west side of the ranch, but the east side has most of the horses; thus the frequent references to “this side” or “the other side”.

People frequently appearing in these posts include sons Scott and David; daughter Suzanne; grandchildren Andrew, Sarah, and Billy (who is now William); my sister Sally-in-St. Louis; her husband Rick and daughters Emily and Rebecca; my friend Marion; and many more friends, relatives, and boarders.  Animals include my horse Duffy, my Welsh ponies Bella and Kody, Andrew’s little mare Kitty, (he lets his grandma ride her) Marion’s horse EZ, the dogs Xena and Peaches, and many, many more.

My husband’s mother, Irma, started this stable about 1940.  We’ve been around for awhile, and hope to stay that way; still, the boarding stable business isn’t easy.

But it’s sure rewarding.

Me and Duffy.  I'm the one with glasses.


Posted July 1, 2009 by stablewoman

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  1. I love your blog! Great pictures. The toe shoes are intriguing– are they really shoes, like with little soles under each toe?

    • I’m glad you like the blog! The toe shoes don’t exactly have soles; they’re more like gardening gloves, with thicker rubber on the bottom. I don’t know about all that material between the toes, but she says they’re really comfy.

  2. I love your blog and I look forward to reading it whenever I can…I love your pictures both old and new and I enjoy the moments you capture. Thank you!!!!

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  4. Roberta Gregory, as I live and breathe. I am one of the little boys that used to be your neighbors in rural Arroyo Grande. Love your blog. I’m not little any more though, married and live in Auburn, CA. Great pictures. All the best

  5. I have awarded your blog with the Versatile Blogger Award. This is the link to the post 🙂 http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/new-year-honours/

  6. Please e-mail me about your Chub Morgan postcard find.

    Doug Engebretson
  7. Hey Neighbor, I live up the Grapevine, at the base of Mt. Pinos (Pinon Pines, Frazier Park) and ride the wonderful trails up here.

    Come check out my blog and join me for a Virtual Ride: : ~ )) http://soulhorseride.wordpress.com/

  8. I enjoy your blog. I am an artist and would love permission to paint
    your recent photo of Peaches kissing Honey.

    margaret kevorkian
  9. Thank you!

    margaret kevorkian
  10. Were you able to contact the person who took the photo? I am hoping for an ok to
    paint it. Another person has expressed interest and said she would send a print of the
    painting to the owner of the photo when it is finished.

    Margaret Kevorkian
  11. Yes, and she said it was fine with her. She wanted to check with the owner of the horse, though, to be sure it was ok with her. I’ll let you know soon.

  12. okay, thank you 🙂

    margaret kevorkian
  13. Thank you, Roberta!

    margaret kevorkian
  14. I know our childhood was far from idyllic, but I couldn’t help feeling grateful, too. Love you mucho.


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