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Blue and Gold   Leave a comment

It was one of those blue and gold days today.  Cool, crisp, and delightful, the way fall is supposed to be.

Our old liquidambar did, after all, manage to put on a show despite fire and drought.

oldtree 6

oldtree 7

The leaves look especially lovely when backlit.

oldtree 1

oldtree 3

All of the dead branches show just how tough life has been for this old tree.  Yet it keeps on displaying its fall glory.  I guess there’s a lesson in that.

And later, there’ll be pinkelponkers!


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The Storm Came   Leave a comment

Well, sort of.  We got only a few hundredths, just enough to dampen things down.  The tracks of the feed truck tell the story.

rainnov25 3

Can you tell which horses in this picture belong to Lori B., who likes lime green in her blankets?

rainnov25 2

It was chilly, but not close to freezing.  Still, I’ll probably go out tonight and plug in the old-fashioned incandescent bulb which protects the pump mechanism from freezing.  It’s under a bright blue bucket, and looks quite festive, glowing in the night!

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Storm Coming?   1 comment

It’s been pretty quiet around here, with everyone waiting for the storm that’s supposed to come through tonight.  They’re saying now that it’s not likely to be a very wet one, as our record-breaking 81 from yesterday dried out the atmosphere.  We’re hoping for the best.  Meanwhile, here are some shots from the last storm.

storm 5

storm 4

storm 3

storm 2

Maybe those will give Mother Nature a hint!

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Baby Bella’s Bigger   Leave a comment

And she’s cuter than ever.  See?


Her hair doesn’t look very red in this shot, but it is.  She is three months old now, and a very good baby.  She and her mom Christina were giving her great-grandfather a haircut.  It was the kind he likes, which means he’s as bald as an egg right now.  Oh, well, it will grow back — eventually.

I stopped by the liquidambars at Teen Challenge today and snapped this picture of some of the fallen leaves.  They’re beautiful on the ground, too.


Fall is passing quickly, and there’s another storm due on Thanksgiving — we hope.  It’s supposed to be a really cold one, which will probably bring the last of the leaves down.  Winter is nearly here.

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On the Trail   Leave a comment

It was perfect weather to be out on the trail.  Most of the trees are still green.


What’s amazing about this picture is that it didn’t have a single horse ear or dog in it!  Oh, well . . . better luck next time.

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Lovely Liquidambar   Leave a comment

On the way out the drive this morning, I stopped to take pictures of the Teen Challenge liquidambar trees.  They are beautiful right now, and I was afraid that the predicted rain might strip some of their color.

liquidambar 4

One of the things I like best about liquidambar is that no two trees are exactly alike.

liquidambar 3

In fact, no two leaves are exactly alike.

liquidambar 2

Our lone remaining liquidambar has never been the same since the big fire.  It’s nice to have these neighbor trees to enjoy.

liquidambar 1

There’s not a lot of fall color in this part of the country, but these trees are certainly doing their part!

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Wynken and Blynken   Leave a comment

If you remember the old nursery rhyme, here are Xena (front) and Gena in the title roles.  However, they have a nice doggie bed instead of a wooden shoe.  They are sound asleep after a hard day of running the ranch.  They have to bark at strange dogs and cars, supervise the feeding, chase the ball, and watch out for UFOs.  Xena has a fixed idea that if she just barks hard enough, she can chase off the strange howling beast that haunts our nights.  Unfortunately, that beast is actually a train some miles away, so she hasn’t had much success.  Gena, on the other hand, feels that the ropers across the river really need her help.  If she chases those cows in the right direction, they won’t have to rope them!  She’s not having much success either, except at getting shut in the house on roping nights.

So here they are, dreaming doggie dreams together.


But the nursery rhyme calls for a Nod, too.  I guess that’s me, because I went to sleep in my chair right after I took this picture.  Or maybe that’s Peaches.  She was asleep on the sofa, with her feet in the air.


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