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Downriver   1 comment

A few days ago, boarder Valerie and some friends trailered to the new equestrian staging area downriver.  It’s off Enos Lane, at the water bank recharging area, about ten miles (at a guess) downriver from us.


It has a nice large parking area adjacent to the river.  There’s a rock barrier against motorized access, and plenty of river flora and fauna to see.


It’d be pretty darned hot in the summer, but nice right now.  They rode upriver, towards us, but didn’t try to come all the way home.  It should be possible without much problem, but then you’d have to go back for the trailer anyway.

It’s a very nice addition to our river riding options, and we hope it gets plenty of use.


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Yet Again . . .   2 comments

. . . it’s a beautiful fall day.  The catch is, it’s so dry you can feel your skin puckering up. 

There’s not a great deal going on here except for the usual chores.  Working on tractors, moving hay, putting out salt — the small but vital stuff that’s got to get done. 

Halloween doesn’t mean much around here, since even the grandkids have outgrown it.  No trick-or-treaters find their way down here.  Fall, though, is here in force.  This last volunteer sunflower looks a little surprised to be here.


sunflower oct09


Everyone is worried about the H1N1 virus — well, most everyone.  We’re not; people over 65 are supposed to be pretty much immune.  Our immune systems have seen everything.

There was a wild story on the news at noon.  If we understood it right, a lady at a drive-in flu shot clinic fainted just as she was about to get her shot. Her foot stuck on the accelerator and the car shot across the parking lot, ending up broadsiding a bus.  Four people injured.

Maybe they’d better think about having people put their cars in park before they get their shots.

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It’s a Beautiful Day   Leave a comment

This is our first really cool, crisp fall day.  I went out this morning thinking I would take some pictures of a hairy horse to post.  Looking around, though, they aren’t that furry yet.  Does this mean a warm winter?  Maybe.

I did take a picture of a couple of liquidambar leaves looking fall-ish.  Most of them are still green.


liquidambar 10 09


Here’s the same tree in October of  ’08.




It seems the leaves have taken longer to change this year.  Does this mean a warm winter?  Maybe.  Now if I could just find a nice wooly worm to ask, we’d know for sure.

I completely forgot about posting yesterday, which is just as well.  I didn’t have much of anything to say; a rare occasion!

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Grey Day   Leave a comment

There’s been a good breeze all day, but nothing like the predicted wind.  At least not here and not yet.  There’ve been a surprising number of people riding on a pretty unpleasant day.

One of our boarders, who deals in tack in a small way, went to a horse/tack/stud services auction last weekend.  He said that not a single horse sold, and exactly one stallion’s future cooperation.  It’s a bad time for the horse business.  Anyone who has a mare had better not breed her this year, unless they’re planning to keep the baby for their own use.

We’re doing all right, staying full and getting paid (mostly), but there is a higher turnover rate than in past years.  No doubt it’s all part of the national economic trouble.  In the horse business, the key to holding your own is simple.  You’d better own your property free and clear.   If you’ve got a mortgage, you’ve got problems.

Well, things will improve for everyone when the economy picks up.  But it’s sure slow!

Here’s a nice picture to make up for the gloom . . .




Some fall color of our own; liquidambar leaves from a year or two ago.

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Autumn in Missouri   Leave a comment

Sister Sally, in the town of Webster Groves (near St. Louis), sent me these pictures of fall color in Missouri.

A golden tree . . .




. . . and a red one.  Niece Emily took this one.




 We don’t get this kind of fall color in Bakersfield, though liquidambar and pistache trees do their best.  Still, we don’t get tornadoes, either! 

We’re still waiting for some real weather here.  Tonight the changes are supposed to start.  The National Weather Service is predicting a 15 to 25 degree drop in temperature for tomorrow.  That doesn’t make for great riding weather — though the horses seem to enjoy it.

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What . . . Another One?   Leave a comment

Yes, another quiet day around the ranch.  We had a barrel race today, but the turnout was small and it was over early.  Yesterday a small group of riders was trailering downriver, planning to park at a new staging area and ride back; but we didn’t catch them to see how that went.

I have been grumbling about the weather, or lack thereof.  Days in the eighties, nights in the fifties, hazy skies, day after day.  It’s very nice weather, compared to the extreme heat, but it would be nice to have a change.  I guess I’m going to get my wish; they’re predicting a cold front with forty-mile an hour winds for Monday night.  Rain, however, is what we’re hoping for, and there’s none in sight.

I’m watching a phainopepla out in the elderberry, dangling from an impossibly tiny twig and eating dried elderberries upside down.  (The bird is upside down, not the elderberries.)  That looks like the most interesting thing that’s going on.

I’d better quit complaining and find some wood to knock on.

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Quiet Day . . . So Far   Leave a comment

It’s been a very quiet day, with little to report.  There are plenty of riders coming and going, and Billy just went out to show a new boarder her pen.  Tomorrow is a barrel race, so things should be busier.

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