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. . . and Red all Over   Leave a comment

It seems as if everything red is blooming all at once.  There’s every shade, from heart’s-blood crimson to brilliant orange-red.  Let’s see; there’s the pomegranate blossoms down on the riverbank . . .

The cactus on the porch . . .

The geranium by the back door . . .

The amaryllis by the window . . .

There’s even a red-shouldered hawk circling above!  He’s a bit camera-shy, though.

To top it all off, the red daylily pot is sprouting multiple buds.  It’s going to be a brilliant May.


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Xena Jumps Ship   2 comments

I haven’t mentioned Xena the last few days.  There’s a reason for that.

Last week, I decided it would be a good idea for Xena to start wearing a collar.  It would be fun to take her places, like the Farmer’s Market (always awash with dogs) or PetSmart; and it would be necessary if she needed to go to the vet.

Now working Border Collies almost never wear collars.  There’s too much chance of getting hung up in the brush.  I should have remembered that the last time Xena wore a collar was when she went to be spayed.  She certainly did.

I bought a pretty little collar and got a tag engraved with her name, my phone number, and Andrew’s phone number.  I didn’t even get it on her before I noticed the “Uh-oh” expression on her face.  I put it on, nonetheless, petted and made a fuss of her, and gave her some treats.  She slunk out the doggie door and vanished.

I found her hiding under the welding truck, petted her and made a fuss, gave her a treat, and . . . she went and hid again.  This was repeated several times.

All might yet have been well, but about that time Andrew showed up to trim some horses, including my ponies.  I had to leave, but figured she’d be fine with Andrew there.  When I got back, though, she was gone.  I walked and called, called and walked, but no Xena.  I had a pretty good idea of where she might be, though, and phoned Andrew.  Sure enough, he said — a bit sheepishly — yes, he had her; he had been halfway home before he noticed there were three dogs on the back of the truck, not two.

That would be a pretty fishy story in most cases, but Xena and Gena look so much alike that it would be easy not to realize there were two red-and-white heads popping up back there, not one — and that one was not secured.

Anyway, Xena’s up in the mountains herding cattle with Spanky and Gena, until Andrew makes his next trip to town.  I’m in two minds about it; she’s a wonderful dog and I love having her here, but I know she’s only really happy when she’s working.  On the other hand, it’s hard, dangerous work.  I imagine there aren’t many cow dogs that live to a ripe old age.  But they love doing it so . . .

One thing for sure, though; the next time I put a collar on Xena, I’ll wait until just before we’re going somewhere!

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Back to Normal   Leave a comment

The past few days I’ve hardly gotten out of the house.  I don’t think walking from the car to Best Buy counts.  But that should all be over now, though I’m still getting to know my new computer.

I’ve gotten outside, though.  I went to the local Farmer’s Market (green beans, pattypan squash, and bread) this morning.  This afternoon I got the ponies out to be groomed and exercised.  Most of the hair from the last time had blown away or been scooped up by nesting birds.  Now there’s a whole new crop.

We are overrun with squirrels.  The babies are all over the place; adventurous little scraps of fur, learning survival skills.  You wonder about some of them.  There was one little pair on the lawn yesterday.  While they nibbled grass, they seemed totally oblivious to Cider a few feet away, and me peering through the window.  I shot a couple of pictures that aren’t too bad, considering they were taken through the glass.

Except that one stayed in the shade and one ventured out into the sun, they did everything exactly alike.

Well, mostly.  I think they must have been twins.

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Rose Parade   Leave a comment

I’m getting used to my new computer, software, and printer.  It takes a lot of time and mental effort, but things are beginning to come together.  I can now download pictures, get them into Paint Shop Pro, and edit them.  It’s not too much different from the old way, and it’s fun to play with.

These are the first pictures I imported and worked with.  They’re from a walk over to Teen Challenge, where they have beautiful roses.



Of course, my roses aren’t bad either, though I don’t have many.  Here’s the pink rose I bought last year.  I think it’s called Bonica.

I played with the different effects on the new PSP program, too, and thought this picture using the Kaleidoscope effect was interesting.

So, slowly but surely, the learning curve is flattening out.  Meanwhile, I’ve hardly stuck my nose outside.  It’s a lovely cool day, and there won’t be many more of those.  I’d better get out there and enjoy it!



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I’m Back!   2 comments

There’s a lot to learn with a new computer and printer and picture editing program — so these entries may be minimal for a few days.  As soon as I get everything under control, I’ll be all the way back.  Meanwhile, there’s a lot of fun to be had learning new things.  Everything looks — and is — different.  Most of us have been there; it took me a few moments to even find the WordPress log in.

I’m back — but I’ll be even more back soon.

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On Hiatus   Leave a comment

This will most likely be my last entry for a few days.  I’ve bought a new computer, and tomorrow I’ll take the old one in for my files to be transferred to the new one. 

I’ve been worried about my computer for a while now.  It’s seven years old, and that’s pretty elderly for a computer.  When my printer died, that was a pretty good sign that it was Time.  I sure don’t want to lose any of my pictures.

You’ll hear from me when the new one is online.  It’ll be fun . . .

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Too Hot . . .   Leave a comment

. . . to do much.  We’re not used to it yet; later, 96 will seem pretty mild.  Still, there hasn’t been a lot going on, so this entry is just a kind of placeholder.

There’s a cooling trend coming, though!

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