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Cleanup on the River Trails   Leave a comment

This morning, there was a trail cleanup on Panorama Vista Preserve.  Some of the trails have gotten pretty overgrown, and there’s always trash to pick up.

There wasn’t a heavy turn-out — perhaps six or eight people — but they were workers.  Some came armed with pruners or loppers.



Some of the problems, though, really needed chainsaws.


It was a beautiful, if warm, morning.  The elderberry trees were already heavy with berries.


What a great tree (or bush) the elderberry is.  Nearly indestructible, easily propagated, beautiful — and edible!

There had been a homeless camp at this spot.  I had to admit it looked cozy — after the trash was removed.


Here’s another spot that needed a chainsaw.


Here’s Mary B., who planned this event, checking on the crews.



The Panorama bluffs are in the background, after which the preserve is named.  You do get a wonderful vista from the bike trail at the top of the bluffs.

I only stayed for an hour, after which I took my plump 71-year-old body home.  But I’ll come back for the next one.  It’s well worth doing, and those of us who use these trails should really get out there.  We are very lucky to have the preserve.  For years we dreaded having our trails built over, and now they are safe.  We horseback riders should help to keep them clean and clear.


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Peaches Had a Birthday . . .   3 comments

. . . and I missed it.  She was a year old on May 24.

It’s been a while since she looked like this.


Or this.


Or this.


She’s still the most entertaining dog we’ve ever had.  She and her Best Buddy Xena have given us many happy moments.


And we’re looking forward to many more.

Happy birthday, Peaches!

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Thunder from the Blue   1 comment

I knew there was a B-29 at the airport, in town for Memorial day, so when we heard a deep-throated roar overhead, we knew what it was.  Nothing modern sounds like that.

It made a couple of passes, so I went out to watch.  Old airplanes take me right back to my childhood, when watching them was popular entertainment.  By the time I thought of my camera, it was on its last pass, and the farthest away.  I got it, but it’s not much more than a dot.


The story about it said it was the last one flying.  It was beautiful; as deadly things are so often beautiful.

It’s getting hotter, and I’ve been posting later.  The afternoon sun comes right in the computer room window.  Pretty soon I’ll move to a morning post, when it’s more comfortable for the computer — and me.

Meanwhile, here are some shots of a pastel sunset from a few days ago.  It ended up pastel, anyway.  It started looking as though it might decide to be a storm.





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Snow Angel   Leave a comment

Memorial Day weekend, and a lot of people are out of town.  Between that, the Indy 500 today, and the heat, there’s not a lot going on.  So here’s a pretty picture!  I believe this is Spacecoast Snow Angel.


It’s apparently pretty hard to breed a snow-white daylily, but this is certainly a good one.

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Remembering the Fire   Leave a comment

I realized a day or two ago that it had been over a year since the river bottom burned.

It was the combination of drought, high winds, and a loose firebug that led to the fire that nearly cost us our house, and cost everyone the beauty of the river.  When I went back and looked at the pictures from the beginning of last May, I realized we’d come a long way.  The dogs and I hiked out and took some pictures — at least, I did.  They just swam.

Here is the view straight across the river just after the fire.


And here is the same view today.


Here is the way it looked downriver.


And here it is today.


For some reason, the river was shut off a few days after the fire.  Then it looked like this.



There’s more water now — and more vegetation.


One thing that hasn’t changed — dogs love to swim!


At least, most of them.

Of course, there are still problems.  The fire made an ideal place for non-native, invasive species to get a foothold.  The willows and other native plants are making a comeback, but they’ve got a lot of competition.  It helps that there’s been water in the river most of the spring.  We’re still a little surprised at that — but grateful.

The river’s not as beautiful as it was, but it will get there.  It has before.

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Storm Front   1 comment

When I went out for a ride this afternoon, I noticed some pretty dramatic clouds over the mountains.




They were far away, though, so I caught Kitty and had my ride with no problems.  Then I came in and had a shower and washed my hair.

Later, Lori B. called me to tell me see had seen lightning off to the northeast.  I looked out, and the skies did look threatening.


The winds were picking up, so I went back in.  In moments, the front hit; dry, but with plenty of blowing dust.


It was no weather for doing anything with horses, so the place started clearing out.


Maybe we’ll get a real thunderstorm later.  The mountains are catching it now, for sure.  Well, it’s thunderstorm season, after all.  I’m just glad I wasn’t out on the trail when it hit.

All Automatic Transmissions, where I took the Beetle, were nice enough to wash it after they worked on it.  It looks like that was wasted effort.

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The Culprit   Leave a comment

I’m blogging late today, because we got an afternoon call that my blue ’01 Beetle was finally done.  The transmission went out last Monday, so it’s been over a week since I’ve had a car to drive.  I’ve been known to complain about having to do too much running around, but I find not being able to run around is not a good thing either.

The good news was that they hadn’t had to go into the transmission, so the bill was nine hundred instead of twenty-four hundred, as estimated.  We found out why when we got there, and the gentleman at the desk handed me this.


As one, David and I said, “Not rat!  Squirrel!”  If we had any rats, the squirrels probably would have eaten them by now.

So I went shopping, and the VW ran just fine.  We nearly decided to junk it.  I’m sure glad we didn’t!

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