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Bella Bemired   1 comment

Bemired means smeared or covered in mud.  It has applied to nearly every horse here in the past couple of weeks, though things are drying out.  Hard-working riders have removed a lot of it from their critters, too.  The critters go back to their stalls and lie happily in the sun — and the remaining mud.

Little Bella isn’t actually too bad, though her tail could definitely use some work.  She was really happy to get out and play in the round pen when it was dry enough, though.


I almost didn’t use this one, because it makes her head look too big.  It captures her smart-aleck attitude very well, though.  You can almost see her sticking out her tongue at me.


We went for a walk around the place after she played, though.  We all enjoyed looking at the changes the rain has made.  Now that the sun is out, you can almost see the grass growing.  Kern County is out of the most extreme drought category now, and Lake Isabella is filling fast.  The Corps of Engineers isn’t going to let it fill up, though, because of worries about leaks in the earthen dam.  That’ll mean quite a lot of water flowing past us.  We’re looking forward to it — but we sure hope everyone is careful.  We’re not used to fast water any more!


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We’re Back   Leave a comment

At least I hope so.  It’s been a while, but not on purpose.  I downloaded Windows 10, and I like it a lot — except it couldn’t find any of my pictures.  I played with it a while, trying to figure it out, but no success.  Finally I asked grandson William for help, and he seems to have gotten it fixed.  Let’s see if it will download some photos . . .

Here’s Peaches after a bath.  Jennifer S. and her granddaughter Makayla bathed several of my critters for me, and took these pictures.


Here’s Kody . . .


And Bella . . .


Whew.  It’s working.  I think.

I have some sad news.  Dear old Amber, who used to be my horse, died a couple of days ago.  She was in her late twenties, and extreme heat is hard on old horses.  I haven’t owned her for years, but still feel her loss.  She will be missed.  She was a good horse.

She was also one of the last links to my life on the coast, forty-five years ago.  I bought her after I moved here and married Billy, but she was probably the last foal bred by my old friend Sid Spencer, who raised great Morgans for so many years.  I’ll always look back on the visits to her ranch with pleasure.  It was a beautiful place, and even more so before the best part of it wound up under Lopez Lake.

Old times; gone, but not forgotten.



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Play Day   1 comment

I went over to watch Liliana ride Bella in a little play day.  It was for the kids, and was slow-paced with no emphasis on competition; just fun.

I’m pleased to report that Bella behaved beautifully, standing around with the big horses without fuss.  I think she was the only pony there.

playday 9

Many of the classes were leadline.  It wasn’t easy on parents, trotting around the course while leading their small children.

playday 4

Sarah led this little girl.  They had to wind through a line of barrels, then around two poles at the far end of the course.

playday 7

It seemed like a very long way.

playday 6

The smiles on the kids’ faces made it worth it.

playday 5

Liliana was old enough to go on her own, and Bella trotted politely around the barrels.


playday 3

playday 2

Unfortunately, she did stop dead at one point to poop.  They’ll have to work on that.  Except for that, though, they were both perfect ladies.

playday 1

And a good time was had by all.



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Lilibella Again   Leave a comment

I finally got some shots of Liliana actually riding Bella this afternoon.  They look good together.

lilynbellajan27 1

Liliana is just about the perfect size for Bella.  Or vice versa.

lilynbellajan27 2

Sarah is taking good care of both of them.

lilynbellajan27 3

And there they go . . .

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Lilibella   1 comment

Liliana has been riding pony Bella for me.  She’s only ridden her a couple of times, but it seems to be working out well.  They look very cute together.

lilynbella 2

I worked on this photo quite a bit; I couldn’t decide how I liked it.  Here’s the original, unchanged except for size.

lilynbella sm

Here’s the second version.  I cropped it a little, and worked on the contrast and color.


But I liked the version I posted first the best.  True, I cropped out the interested Xena, but it focused the attention on the faces — girl and pony.

Sarah is working with them, and I hope this is the beginning of a partnership — Lilibella.

We’re getting a lot of Bellas.  There’s at least a horse Bella, a pony Bella, a little girl Bella, and a baby Bella.  I don’t, however, think there’s any danger of confusion.

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Bathing Bella   Leave a comment

Well, not actually bathing.  I did wash Bella-the-pony’s tail, and groomed the rest of her.  By the time I was done, her tail was clean, and her mane was silvery-sparkly . . .


But the rest of her, frankly, was just furry.


Then I turned her out in the exercise arena, where she had a wonderful time.

bella 2

And she looked good, coming . . .

bella 1

. . . or going.

bella 3

And, for a wonder, she didn’t roll even once!

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Bella’s Diet   Leave a comment

Fat little Bella, the Welsh pony, has been on a diet for the last few weeks.  She had gotten altogether too round, and had begun to show signs of founder.  Founder, if you don’t know, is a problem often caused by too much weight.  It shows up as extremely sore feet.  The tissues that connect the hoof wall to the underlying structures get inflamed and painful.  It is especially a problem in ponies, because it is so easy to overfeed them.  Our vet says there are only two kinds of ponies; those who have been foundered, and those that are going to be.  That is often true.

Bella was not a bad case, but she has been on a strict diet ever since she started acting sore.  No more rich alfalfa for her, but grass hay only, and not too much of that.  She has not been a happy camper, and has taken to whinnying pathetically to whoever passes by, in the hope that they will feed her.  She has lost weight, and her tender feet are just fine now.  In fact, she and Sarah went for their first ride in a long time a few days ago.

bellansarh 2

She seemed happy to be out, but still gives me the puppy dog eye look — which she’s very good at, for a horse — when I come to feed her.

I know just how she feels.

We’ve been having a problem with our phone — the landline — for a couple of days.  It just quit; no dial tone, totally dead.  I have a cell, luckily, but the landline is what our customers use to contact us.  We need it.  So I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to deal with AT&T.  I got through to an actual human being today — AT LAST! — and a service person is supposed to call me and set up an appointment.  I’m not getting more than  a foot from my cell, but no call so far.  I’ll give them until tomorrow before I try again.  It’s been a frustrating experience.  I’m sure everyone out there knows the feeling.!


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