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Ride and Wreck   Leave a comment

I was just getting ready to make a blog entry about our beautiful green ride yesterday, when the phone rang.  It was Sarah, to tell us that there had just been a wreck up on Manor, and a car had ended up off the road.  Billy questioned her closely, just to make sure the car hadn’t hit the fence, and then I went down to see just what had happened.

Yes, there was a car off the road, and no, it hadn’t hit the fence.  The man driving it, though, was very, very lucky.

wreckfeb28 2edit

Apparently he was rounding the curve in his cute little Eclipse when a tire blew out.  It was possible that he was going too fast, but it seems as if he had been speeding much, the car would have rolled instead of simply spinning out.  If he had rolled his little convertible, I can’t see how he would have survived.  I imagine that’s him, sitting there looking understandably shaken.

In a few minutes, a fire truck showed up . . .

wreckfeb28 3edit

Then an ambulance . . .

wreckfeb28 4edit

. . . which I hope wasn’t required.  The dogs had followed me down, and when a little Chihuahua held in a witness’s arms started shrieking (for no reason I could see) they wanted to go up and investigate.  I hurriedly called them back, and we headed for the house before they got into trouble.

It could have been a lot worse.

It has just started raining — hooray!

Here are just a few of the ride pictures.  I’ll post more tomorrow . . . probably.

Peaches coming back to see why Marion and I had stopped.

feb27ride 1 edit

Green, green, green.

feb27ride 2edit

feb27ride 6edit

feb27ride 5edit

A tree that a beaver had chomped . . .

feb27ride 4edit

A view of the beaver pond . . .

feb27ride 11edit

Looking downriver from the weirs.  Not much water visible, but lots of gone-to-seed cattails.

feb27ride 8edit

More tomorrow . . . probably!


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A Brief Note . . .   Leave a comment

. . . just to say that Marion and I had a wonderful ride today.  We saw lupines!  And heard meadowlarks!

But I’ll download the pictures and write about it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Bella . . .

bellafeb25 edit

. . . just because she’s so cute!

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Storm Coming   Leave a comment

Last night the news was full of the incoming thunderstorm.  Lightning, thunder, and nickel-sized hail was being predicted.  It sounded pretty scary.

As the sun went down, it looked pretty scary, too.

stormcominip edit

However, Cisco, who was playing in the arena, was not impressed.

stormcomincnn 3edit

He was right, too.  The storm passed to the north of us, and none of the dire predictions came to pass.  At least, not here.

We’re hoping for another storm this coming weekend, and maybe another after that.  Rainfall is getting close to normal.

The sound you may hear is me, knocking on wood.  Knock . . . knock . . . knock . . .

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Snow on the Mountains . . .   Leave a comment

. . . and rain in the valley.  A good rain; the news this morning said .68, but Lori B.’s rain gauge looked like it was a bit more.


When we got up this morning, there were plenty of puddles.

cnnrain7 edit

The horses were philosophical about the whole thing.

cnnrain5 edit

They weren’t even excited about the snow on the mountains.

cnnrain6 edit

I don’t think that we saw any snow up there last year at all.

cnnrain3 edit

It stayed cool and windy all day, but we didn’t see any more rain.

cnnrain2 edit

We heard on the news at noon that there were reports of hail in other parts of the county, and even a photo of what appeared to be a funnel cloud.  Meanwhile, there are predictions for more rain by next weekend.  It won’t end the drought, but it’ll put a dent in it!

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They’ve Arrived!   Leave a comment

The spring flowers at the nurseries, that is.  I bought a sweet-faced viola . . .

viola1 edit

. . . and a heart’s-blood crimson ranuncunculus — or whatever.  (It’s like spelling banana — the trick is knowing when to stop spelling it!)

ranunculus1 edit

Spring hasn’t even really begun, even here.  There are lots more flowers out there — soon to be here, if I have my way.

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Bathing Beauty   1 comment

Peaches, being a Golden Retriever, is a very good and enthusiastic swimmer.  When there’s not a chance to swim, she’ll settle for a dip in a horse trough.  Marion forwarded some photos that demonstrate this.  As usual, I provide the translation from the Golden.

“I’ll bet you horses didn’t know you had a spa in here!”

pchsintrough1 edit

“This is the life.  I can almost turn around!”

pchsintrough2 edit

“Well, I’d better get out.  It’s almost time for dinner, anyway, and I don’t want that Xena to beat me to it.”

pchsintrough3 edit

“Ungh!  Ungh!  This getting-out is a lot harder than it looks . . . ”

pchsintrough4 edit

She made it, eventually.  We’re still trying to get a shot of her getting in.  That’s even funnier.

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One More Ride   Leave a comment

I hope all of these ride photos aren’t boring, but we’re determined to keep on making the most of the green.  Already, in these shots, there are changes.  A yellow-green cast to the grass shows that it is heading out already.  These are annual grasses, and they produce seed heads when they are at the end of their growth.  In a good year, it might not be for a while yet; in a really bad year, they might go to seed when they’re only a couple of inches tall.  This year was better than last, but that’s about all you can say for it.

But we’re enjoying it now.  Here’s a shot of the trail, without Kitty’s ears.  The scars and trails on the bluffs are easy to see, with the green pointing them up.

feb17ride trail1

Here’s one with Kitty’s ears.  I like it better.

feb17ride trail2

They’ve added benches beside the new signs.  I understand that they convert into tables, in case you should feel like a picnic.

feb17ride bench

We spotted what might have been a couple of scraps of white paper . . .

feb17ride egrets1

A little closer, and it proved to be a pair of egrets.  They flew ahead of us several times, but always landed together; so perhaps they were really a mated pair.

feb17ride egrets2

We found a few lupines along the “Lupine Trail”.  Here’s one.

feb17ride lupine

There were a few spots where the grass had not yet made seed heads.  Here’s one, beside an old, old willow.

feb17ride looknback

Marion took some pictures of Kitty and me and the dogs, and kindly forwarded them.

feb17ride menkitty 1

She got some pictures of Peaches doing what Peaches does best, too.  I’ll show those tomorrow.

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