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Wildflowers   1 comment

Day before yesterday, Marion and I got out on our yearly wildflower quest.  It’s always fun — if there are any wildflowers.  There weren’t a whole lot this year, but there were enough to make our trip worthwhile.  We went up the Glenville road.  I got so many pictures, I think I’ll split this post into two parts; so here’s part one.

The first thing we noticed were the fat and happy cattle out on the green grass.  We thought we saw caves in the cliff-like rock formation on the hill, but it turned out to be black cattle resting in the shade.  You can see them if you look very closely.

wildflower 10

The cattle didn’t like the look of us, and even though they were so far away, headed for the hills.  Literally.

wildflower 11

The rock formations on this road are truly picturesque.  This one made me think of Easter Island.

wildflower 9

We began to see scattered flowers, like this brodeia.  I’ll have to check identification later . . .

wildflower 13

wildflower 12

There were others, too . . . I think this is a phacelia.


wildflower 16

And there’s always lots of fiddleneck.

wildflower 14

Ranchers consider it a pest, but it does make a nice patch of color on the green hills.

wildflower 15

Marion caught me on the hunt.

wildflower 2

More tomorrow!



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Bang!   1 comment

This was supposed to be a post about the beautiful wildflower drive Marion and I took yesterday, but events intervened.

I was sound asleep about six this morning when I heard Billy calling me.  (I sleep like a rock, but always manage to hear his voice.)  He had heard a bang, then someone at the door, and since he can’t get up quickly he needed me to see what was going on.  I stuck my head out of the door, and an early boarder called that a car had just hit the fence at Jill’s pen, and that there were a couple of apparent drunks trying to get away.

I went out in my robe, just as the man quit revving the motor and trying to back out of the fence.  I called to him that he wasn’t going anywhere, and might as well wait for the cops.  Then I hightailed it back to the house to tell Billy yes, he should call them.  Right now.

Then I grabbed the camera and went out to take pictures of the license plate, in case they did manage to get it out.  It wasn’t likely.  The man had taken off by then, and the woman told me — repeatedly — that she had just been the passenger.  Very soon, the Highway Patrol arrived.

wreckfeb27 1

As I was telling him what I had seen, we turned around and looked toward the river.  There was the driver, obviously trying to make up his mind whether to take off again, or not.  The patrolman picked him up, and later they hauled both of them away.

They did quite a job on Jill’s pen.

wreckfeb27 2

Luckily, no one, human or horse, was hurt.  And the water line — those pipes carry water — hadn’t broken.  Later we learned that they had been speeding in circles around the place, honking the horn.  Billy had heard the horn, but thought it was up on the road.  Nope.  I have no idea what they thought they were doing.  Trying to scare the horses to watch them run, maybe.  That’s happened before.

We heard later that they had found stolen articles in the car, and that there had been a third person involved, but that is secondhand.  At any rate, the police apparently decided to lock up everyone involved, at least for the present.

Never a dull moment . . .

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It’s Still Green   Leave a comment

Marion and I went out again yesterday, to enjoy the green grass while it’s still there.  Kitty seemed to appreciate it, too.  Just look at those attentive ears.  (If you look closely, you’ll see Xena and Peaches wondering why we’re so slow.)

feb24ride 6

Of course, she didn’t get to actually eat any of that luscious-looking stuff.  There’s grass at home I’ll let her nibble.

It wasn’t too far down the trail that we came upon evidence of busy beavers.

feb24ride 1

Farther on, we stopped at the dam.  Peaches thought she might swim out and visit the beaver family.

feb24ride 5

It turned out there was nobody home.  Or at least no one that wanted to talk to Peaches.

feb24ride 4

Farther upriver, the water was much cleaner.  Xena decided it was nice enough for her to swim, too.

feb24ride 3

She had to have a good shake when she got out, though.

feb24ride 2

You can see what a beautiful day it was by looking at the mountains in the background.  It’s been warm, but so hazy that the mountains were invisible.

There’s no rain in sight, so it’s not going to be green for long.  We’re appreciating it while we’ve got it, and hope to get in a drive to look for wildflowers in the next day or two.  Those of us who don’t see much green sure appreciate it a lot!

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On the Trail   Leave a comment

Marion and I hit the trail yesterday, though not very far.  Kitty and I are both a bit out of shape.

We hadn’t gone far when we came upon a large yellow-flowered bush — I think it’s a bladderpod — which practically demanded to have its picture taken.

bladderpod 1

I might have trimmed it down, but I kind of liked Kitty’s sharp-eared shadow, and the tiny lavender stars of filaree.  That’s rather a pretty word.  It might make a nice name for a dainty little filly.

Anyway, we then took each other’s picture, as usual.  First I took Marion’s, with EZ . . .

bladderpod 2

Then she took mine, with Kitty and Xena . . . Peaches was there, but she was off somewhere sitting in a puddle.

bladderpod 3

It was a lovely day, if a bit hazy.  The mountains were not in sight, though you can see the bluffs in the far background.

It won’t be green like this for very long, I’m afraid.  There’s no rain in the ten-day forecast.  The mountains will stay green longer, though, and the news has been showing pictures of the hills ablaze with early wildflowers.  We hope to get up to see them before they are gone.

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Play Day   1 comment

I went over to watch Liliana ride Bella in a little play day.  It was for the kids, and was slow-paced with no emphasis on competition; just fun.

I’m pleased to report that Bella behaved beautifully, standing around with the big horses without fuss.  I think she was the only pony there.

playday 9

Many of the classes were leadline.  It wasn’t easy on parents, trotting around the course while leading their small children.

playday 4

Sarah led this little girl.  They had to wind through a line of barrels, then around two poles at the far end of the course.

playday 7

It seemed like a very long way.

playday 6

The smiles on the kids’ faces made it worth it.

playday 5

Liliana was old enough to go on her own, and Bella trotted politely around the barrels.


playday 3

playday 2

Unfortunately, she did stop dead at one point to poop.  They’ll have to work on that.  Except for that, though, they were both perfect ladies.

playday 1

And a good time was had by all.



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Spring Day?   Leave a comment

It may not be spring yet across most of the country, but it pretty much is here.  It was in the low sixties today, after a nice overnight rain, and a beautiful day.

I got Kitty out to let her graze a bit on the green grass.  Actually, it’s mostly weeds, but she seemed to enjoy it.

kittyfeb18 2

When she wasn’t watching the dogs in the riverbed, that is.

kittyfeb18 1

Later I caught up little Bella and turned her out in the exercise pen.  She was off like a bullet.

bellafeb18 2

She came back to snort rollers at Kody, across the way.  Tomorrow I’ll give him his turn, though I suspect he won’t enjoy it as much.

bellafeb18 3

There was a headline in the paper a day or two ago — “Is El Nino a Bust?”  Well, yes, pretty much.  We haven’t even had as much rain as we did last year, although there was more snow in the mountains.  We’ve still got March and some of April to go, and we’ve had heavy rains in March before.  Our fingers are probably going to be permanently bent from being crossed.

Come on, Nino.  Get with it!

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The Quilt Show   Leave a comment

Not everything I do has to do with horses.  Saturday, Marion and I went to the quilt show at the Fairgrounds.  We saw a lot of beautiful work, and took a lot of pictures.  I tried to get ones that Marion didn’t, so I wouldn’t post duplicates of those on her blog.  There were plenty to choose from.

I liked the green and gold colors the maker chose for this one.

quilt 1

Marion featured this Native American themed quilt on her blog, so I just posted this detail of Kokopelli the flute player.

quilt 4

Log cabins are always popular.  This one is very traditional, but the color scheme made it stand out for me.

quilt 6

Here, the use of color brought a sunny day on the ocean to mind.

quilt 7

The star theme is always lovely, and I understand it’s also difficult.  This one deserved its blue ribbon, for sure.

quilt 2

It was a lot of fun, and well worth the tired feet I had by the time we got home!

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