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Green Grass   Leave a comment

On every ride, I’m driven to record the green grass.  Spring is so very short around here, and with the lack of rain (none is predicted for the next ten days) it’s likely to be even shorter than usual.  So when Kitty, Peaches, Xena, and I went out today, I was sure to have my iPhone in my pocket.

bigsycamore edit

I stopped a moment at T. J.’s memorial.  She was a horsewoman who was fatally injured at this spot.  Someone had left flowers . . .

feb11ride 5 edit

Then we stopped to admire the light through the grass.

feb11ride 6 edit

We dropped down to the river and looked at the pussywillows.  They were past their best, but still striking against the dark water.

feb11ride 9 edit

We checked out one of the new signs.  I’m going to have to look up the pirate spider.  I have to picture a little spider with an eyepatch and a peg leg going “Aaarrr”.

feb11ride 7 edit

Here’s one of the new trail signs.  I wonder if the bobcats use “Bobcat Pass”

feb11ride12 edit

One more look, without Kitty’s ear.  It’s so wonderfully green.

feb11ride 11 edit

I hope it’s still that way by St. Patrick’s day.  It might be — if it rains.

And I wonder how I got through a whole trail ride without getting Xena or Peaches in a shot.  They had a wonderful time, though, even without getting their picture taken.


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