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Dentist Monday   1 comment

A trip to the dentist is not anyone’s favorite way to start the day.  I needed a crown, and spent about an hour and a half in the dentist’s chair — mostly upside down, as it was a top tooth.

The rest of the day was pleasant, despite a slightly sore jaw, and I spent it loafing.  This evening is my knitting group, so the best I can do today is another of my favorite pictures — this one of a brilliant leaf peeking out of the lawn on a frosty morning.  I’ll try to post something more interesting tomorrow.

It looks like it ought to have a face . . . probably smiling.


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It’s Sunday Again . . .   Leave a comment

. . . and as usual, nothing much is going on.  I’ve been to Barnes and Noble and have three new books to read; there’s 15-bean soup simmering on the stove; and the biggest question is . . . crackers or tortilla chips with the soup?

So here’s a pretty picture from ’08; the rare-and-endangered Bakersfield cactus.  As well as being rare, it’s beautiful; with vibrantly colored satiny petals, as you can see.  It’s not one of those inconspicuous little endangered plants!

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Ridin’, Ropin’, Restin’   Leave a comment

Andrew and his buddies have been spending some time at roping practice in the arena.  They only have a tractor to pull the roping dummy, though, so it’s not nearly as fast or agile as a real steer.  Still, they’re having fun.

Today was sunny, and lots of the horses spent their time flat out enjoying the warmth.  No, they aren’t dead . . .

. . . just resting.  Nothing looks quite as relaxed as a sunning horse.

The lambs, meanwhile, were spending their time at more important things — like nursing.

They’re getting plenty of rest, too.  After all, being born is hard work!

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Upside-Down Day   Leave a comment

It’s an upside-down day when the high for the day is before you get up.  We slept too warm last night, and didn’t even turn on the electric blanket.  It was 57 when I turned on the morning news.  After that, it just got cooler.

We get days like that when there are a lot of high clouds, and the sun beating on them works just like an evaporative cooler.  It’s kind of depressing, and there have been very few people out to brave the grey cool weather.  It’s not that cold; but it seems to chill the soul.  I was planning to get out and drive again, but spent the day knitting and reading instead.

Not a  bad alternative, actually!

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Twins!   3 comments

January 25 was not such a dull day after all.  Billy came up while Andrew and I were chatting to inform us that Andrew had twins!  Not personally, of course; one of his ewes did the actual birthing.

They’re pretty cute . . . and obviously not identical.

They’re very tiny; they can’t weigh more than two or three pounds each.  But they seem healthy and active.

They’re also young enough that they seem a little unsure about who Mother is.

But they’ll figure it out.  In other news, Kody and I — with Marion’s aid and support — took our first solo drive in the new cart.  It couldn’t have gone better; that cart does ride like a Cadillac.  Springs are a wonderful invention.

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Last Night   2 comments

It was a pretty quiet day . . . but a great sunset last night!


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Rain at Last   Leave a comment

A good rain, that is.  After yesterday morning’s light rain, we got a good storm in, and we have actual puddles all over the yard.  We got forty-four hundredths, officially.  That might not seem like much to people who live in more temperate climates, but it’s cause for rejoicing here.

Of course, there are drawbacks.  I think I’ll wait a day or two before using my pretty new cart again.  The puddles won’t do it any good, and the mud is slippery.

Yesterday WordPress seemed to be having problems, and I could only get one picture in the sequence I took yesterday posted.  Let’s see if it’s better now . . .

There’s one . . . here you see that even the pinkelponkers were washed clean.

I hiked out and looked upriver.  The cloud reflections were breathtaking.

As I said yesterday, all of the trees glittered like jewels.  I tried to capture the moment . . . this was as close as I could come.

Today was cloudy for most of the day; no jeweled trees, lots of mud.  But it was a good day for sitting by the fire.  I got out for a walk, though, and was a little startled to see Channel 23 news driving in.  Then I remembered — there had been a police sweep that morning, moving out the homeless and their dogs.  The reporter was looking for someone homeless to interview.

We’re in two minds about moving them out.  Many of the dogs are a problem.  They’ve come in and attacked Andrew’s sheep several times, and then run right back to the camps.  They aggressively defend those camps — against horseback riders going by.  The people themselves aren’t usually a problem, though there is some petty theft.  The trash is a problem; there was some heavy equipment in today, scraping it up.  The last time they did that, though, they just pushed it all onto our property.  That’s not helpful.

One problem for many of these transients — shelters don’t accept dogs.  Not all of their dogs are large or aggressive, and they may be the only friends they have.  A local church set up a camp in their parking lot, but the neighbors weren’t thrilled, and they had to shut down.  Where do these people go?

These days, almost anyone could find themselves homeless.  It’s a big problem, and I don’t know of anyone with a solution.

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