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More Rainbows   2 comments

Back to the weather . . . yesterday was remarkable for its rainbows.  Huge, double, and long-lasting, they must have had everybody in the county with a cell phone out snapping pictures.  Here are mine . . .

This one is a morning rainbow, in the west.  It was glorious.  If you look closely, you can see it was doubled.


The dark clouds rolled in during the afternoon. There’s a little bird in this shot, looking rather worried.  He didn’t need to be; we got only a brief shower.


Then the afternoon rainbow.  It was a clearly defined double.



All in all, it was a great day for rainbows.  Today is a great day, period.  There are riders going in every direction, enjoying the sun.  Tomorrow the clouds are supposed to increase, with more rain in the forecast.  We’re ready for it.  I hope.






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Lake Robertson is Back   Leave a comment

It’s been a looong time since the arena by the house has been turned into a lake by a rainstorm.  It happened last night.


It’s a pretty small lake, all right, but it was larger than this.  I took this picture about eight o’clock this morning.  The rain had stopped at about one, mostly, so some had drained off or soaked in.  It still shows that we had a pretty good rain.  It was probably about an inch.  We certainly needed rain, but it’s better if it doesn’t all come at once!

Now comes the clean-up.  There are a lot of wet pens that need draining or scraping out, so all available hands are being drafted to tractor duty.  It’ll take a while, but there’s no more rain predicted for a week or so.  It makes a lot of work for us, but it’s more than welcome all the same.

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It’s Been a Month . . .   1 comment

. . . since I blogged.  It’s been a busy, interesting month, not least because of the weather.  A couple of days ago, we had a good rain.  It even included a hailstorm; something we almost never see in winter.

When I heard the rattle on the roof, I grabbed my camera and bolted for the door.  It was just starting.


The horses take a dim view of their tin-roofed shelters when it’s hailing, and as you can see by looking through the breezeway, stood out in the storm the whole time.

The clouds quickly took on an ominous yellow hue.  You can actually see the hail coming down in these shots, either as dark or white streaks and dots, depending on the background.




It was over very quickly, but left us with a decent third of an inch.  It’s not a great deal, but it’s a start.

I hope to do better on my blogging in the upcoming days, but after all, it is nearly Christmas!


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The Day of Two Rainbows   1 comment

A couple of weeks ago, we actually had some rain.  Not much — I think it was .05 — but it was rain, and we were grateful.

We also had something quite unusual; two rainbows.  One in the east, in the morning . . . I was at Barnes and Noble, by the way.


Then a more usual one in the west, in the late afternoon.


The first one was complete, but pale.  The second was partial, but brilliant.  Between them, they might have made one really good rainbow.

Even withough the rainbow, the dark clouds and golden light made for a beautiful afternoon.


We’ll hope for another one, soon.

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Burnout!   5 comments

I haven’t posted for a long time.  This is not due to disaster, but simply to burnout.  I used to be disappointed when favorite blogs or sites quit posting, but I understand it more now.  There comes a time when the brain just goes blank, and thinking of something new to say is just Too Hard.

I think I can get back to the blog now, though perhaps not as often as in the past.  It’s not as though there wasn’t plenty to write about.  The last post was about the boarder who suffered a seizure; she’s fine now, and has been back out several times.  The boarder who had the bad fall and tore an artery in her knee is progressing slowly, but she’s getting there.  It’s still going to be a while before she’s back, though.

We haven’t had any more horse wrecks, fires, car wrecks, or criminal activity.  (Can you hear the sound of me knocking on wood?)  Granddaughter Christina is taking accounting courses, and is already beginning to help with the ranch books.  Granddaughter Sarah has moved to Nevada, and is sending me beautiful pictures of the ranch she’s living on.  I’ll try to get some of those posted.

And speaking of beautiful pictures . . . here’s a late-blooming daylily.  Doesn’t it almost glow?




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Moss Rose   Leave a comment

We’re in another heat wave, so I have been sticking close to home.  Except for a few trips to the pharmacy or the grocery store, I haven’t ventured out — and there’s not much to photograph at those places.

This morning, I at least went out and took some pictures of my moss rose, or portulaca, plant.  It has been blooming quietly away on a bench.  This unassuming little plant just loves heat and dryness, so it’s a great summer bloomer.  The flowers aren’t very big, but they are sure bright; and they are different every day.  Today, for instance . . .

portulaca 5

portulaca 4

portulaca 1

portulaca 3

It’s hard to believe that it’s a close relative of the purslane that grows on the fringes of our . . . er, lawn.

portulaca 2

Purslane is either a noxious weed or a delicious edible, according to your point of view.  Its cousin portulaca, though, is the beauty of the family.

I had to wade through countless little hoppity toads to get the last picture.  It’s hard to get across the yard without stepping on them, though I’ve managed it so far.  My progress across the lawn must look funny, though, as a lot of it involves standing on one foot with the other one waving in the air, looking fora safe place to land.  As soon as I turn on a sprinkler, every toad in the area makes a beeline for the water.

The hummingbirds, too, love the sprinkler.  I spent some time trying to get a picture of one zizzing back and forth through the spray, but never did manage it.  Maybe tomorrow . . .

If not tomorrow, sooner or later, it’ll be cool enough to get out and ride!




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Evening Egret   Leave a comment

Of all of the birds around here, my favorite to photograph is the egret.  They are pretty easy to capture with the camera, too.  They aren’t as shy as many of the smaller birds.

A couple of days ago, about sunset, I and the dogs went down to the river.  We hadn’t been there for a few days, because the algae had been getting so thick that the dogs were packing a lot of it back to the house in their coats; and it just didn’t seem very clean.  With the new water, though, I hoped most of the green gunk had been carried on down river; and so it had.

When we got there, the first thing we saw was this hunting egret.  He was much closer than the camera shows.


He was uneasy at our appearance.  You can tell by his stretched-out neck, as he tried to get a better look at us.  He must not have liked what he saw, because he promptly took off.

Going . . .


. . . gone.  I like his reflection in this shot.


You can’t blame him for not wanting to share his space with three enthusiastic dogs, though.



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