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Another Wreck   Leave a comment

Day before yesterday, I was peacefully knitting in the living room when I heard a loud noise.  Crashity-boom-boom-BANG!  “It sound like someone coming in with an empty trailer,” I thought, “only they’re going way too fast.”  It seemed to go on and on, though, so I got up to look.  At first I could see nothing out of the way, then I noticed agitated horses running up and down their pens, and finally I saw a commotion up on the road.  People were running toward it from every direction, so I went out to look.

It turned out that a horse trailer, with two horses in it, had come loose from its truck and run wild down the road.  It had been going north, but at some point it jumped the center divider, spun around, and went tail first down the embankment.  It stayed on its wheels, but the two horses were jammed together and in trouble.

It was, at least, a good place for it to happen.  There were lots of people there to help get the horses out and administer first aid.  Still, with the heavy traffic, it was a scary situation.

It didn’t take long for the highway patrol to get there, and someone had called Dr. Paul the vet.

It was a relief to see the horses out and standing up.  They were cut up and bruised, but standing on their own four legs.  Granddaughter Christina reacted with her usual competence, and brought up her truck and trailer.  The two horses loaded up and headed in.  It turned out that they were our boarders, and had been headed home.

My worst moment came at the beginning of the whole thing, when someone shouted, “One of those is the horse Andrew rides!”  Immediately I visualized Kitty in the middle of the wreck; but it wasn’t her.  Andrew reassured me that she was safely in her pen.

It looks like the horses will be all right, if a long time healing.  We heard that the cause was a too-small ball on the truck, which allowed the hitch to bounce loose.  The emergency chains held briefly, but snapped and sent the trailer off on its own.  It was so lucky that no cars on the road were hit.  All in all, it could have been a lot worse.

I told Billy later, “I’ve seen a lot of trucks come in without trailers, but that’s the first time I’ve seen a trailer come in without a truck!”

On a more cheerful note, here is little Weston on Kitty, with his family — and his hat.  It might be more accurate to say the hat is wearing Weston.



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Ambulances . . . Again   2 comments

We had another serious incident a few days ago, ending in a parade of ambulances.

I was out walking the dogs, and headed back to give carrots to Kitty and Pepsi.  As I approached, I could see three things out of place; there was a car parked behind the last pen, there was a horse tied to the fence, and there was a man standing there.  When I got up to him, he said something about someone helping the lady.  Circling around the car — which was running — I found one of our long-time boarders slumped against the passenger-side door, in the middle of a seizure.

I had come out without my cell phone, which was on the charger, so I asked the little man (who was standing there helplessly) to stay with her while I went back to the house.  Off I went at my best old-lady trot, to call 911.  There was absolutely no one else around.

I called 911 back at the house, on the land line.  I was so out of breath that I had a hard time making myself understood, but I got them on their way.  Then I called Scott and Andrew.  I needed someone to guide the ambulance in, because the site of the problem was well to the back of the property.  Then I set off back to help, as fast as I could go (not very).

When I got back, the man (probably homeless, and Hispanic) was still standing beside her, and she was still seizing.  I shut off the ignition, put the horse away, and asked him to go help to guide the ambulance while I stayed with her, as no one else had made it over yet.  I stayed there and talked to her, but I don’t think she could hear or understand me.

Luckily, several ambulances arrived very quickly, and they loaded her up and took her to Emergency.  She apparently had no ID on her, so we were afraid they would have trouble contacting her relatives.  I made a couple of calls, and someone did manage to contact her mother.  She came by the next day, and said her daughter was doing better.

The behavior of the little homeless guy was an example of humankindness.  I would guess that he wasn’t the sharpest person around — he couldn’t quite figure out what to do, but he didn’t want to leave her.  He said he was on his way to his home (likely the river) but liked to stop and pet the horses.  That’s when he found her.  He could have taken off with the car, or just run off to avoid responsibility, but he didn’t.  Billy and Scott had arrived by that time, and we slipped him a twenty, which seemed like the least we could do.

If I hadn’t walked out that way, it might have been some time before she was found.  She was not visible until you walked around the car.  She had probably lain there for quite a while.  It was about seven when I found her, and at about five Scott, driving the feed truck, had stopped to ask her if she was all right.  She had said she was, but obviously she wasn’t.  All in all, it was very lucky.

But it’s getting so I’m afraid to go out of the door — at least without my cell phone.

On a happier note, here are a pair of blonds — daughter Suzanne and her grandson Weston, communing on the lawn.  There are few things cuter than the back of a little boy’s head . . .


They were joined by a third blond — Peaches, wanting to help Weston fall in a hole.


He does that very well.


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Still Here   2 comments

I may not be posting as much as I used to, but there are times that I just have to.  Yesterday, for example, when grandson Andrew and great-grandson Weston rode up on Kitty, I was sure I would get a great picture.

weston 1

Better try it from the other side; the light’s better.  Look this way, Weston!

weston 2

Oh, well.  Try again.  Look this way, Kitty!

weston 3

Well, this time I got a good one.

weston 4

Darn.  Weston blinked.  Oh, well; maybe next time!

All’s well here; Billy passed his last check up with flying colors.  We’re about to enter another heat wave, but the end is in sight now.  Many kids are going back to school, and the days are perceptibly shorter.  Still, the saying is that fall won’t be here until after the county fair, and that’s almost always been true.  Then I’ll get out and about more, and I hope I’ll do more blogging.

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Smoky Sunrise   1 comment

Yep, it’s hot.  And the California wildfires aren’t helping a bit.  We’re getting smoke from the Rough fire, though not as much as our neighbors to the north.  Lightning has given us a fire of our very own; they’re calling it the Antelope fire.  It’s a little one — only about fifty acres — but it’s given us a smoky sunrise.


On a more cheerful note, here’s great-grandson Weston in his truck.  He’s got the sun in his eyes, but keeps a grip on that steering wheel.


That shows he’s got Robertson blood — our men do love their trucks.

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Weston’s Growing   Leave a comment

We had a visit from Weston today — courtesy of his dad Andrew, of course.

He is growing and developing personality.  It looks like his eyes are going to stay blue . . . that’s Weston, of course, not his dad.

westonjan8 1edit

Weston consented to sit in Great-grandma’s lap and work on his bottle.  Progress!  I took two pictures.  The other one was a better shot of Andrew, but a little blurry.  This one is better of Weston. He’s certainly giving that camera the once-over.

Marion and I got a brief ride in today, but more about that tomorrow.

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Weston and Me   Leave a comment

Because I’ve been caring for Billy and his fractured vertebra, I haven’t had much time for getting acquainted with little Weston.  When Ciera and Andrew brought him over for Christmas dinner, they thought it was a good time for us to get together.

I wasn’t so sure . . .


This isn’t so bad.  He’s pretty darned cute . . .


Uh-oh . . .




I once knew of a lady who no sooner got on a horse than it ran away with her.  She swore she had an electric bottom.  I think I may have an electric lap.

Oh, well.  Maybe with more experience . . .

In the good news department, Billy got in David’s truck and drove around with him, checking on the place for the first time in months.  He said the place looked really good.  (Implied was, “A lot better than I expected.”)  Tomorrow he plans to get in his own pickup and make his usual rounds.  Everyone will be happy to see him out there supervising again; but even he admits the “boys”, (they’re in their fifties) have done a great job.  But it’s time for him to get out there.

And for me to have more time for great-grandma practice.  If I don’t chicken out!

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A Little Visit   Leave a comment

Weston was by today to visit Great-grandpa and Grandma.  His eyes, so far, are still blue . . .


He wasn’t too impressed with the hat Great-grandma had made for him.


I’m not sure how he felt about being Mickey Mouse with Mama Ciera for his first Halloween.


It looks like he might be saying, “Get me out of here!  I wanted to be Donald Duck!”


I haven’t gotten down to see him lately, so it was nice to have him come by.  It’s been hard to get away, with Billy still down with his back.  He was doing better, then this morning he slipped and fell backward in the shower.  He wasn’t hurt, but stuck like a cork in a bottle.  It took both Scott and Young Billy (or William) to get him pried out.  It didn’t do his back any good, but he seems to be better this afternoon.  It looks like we got lucky.

I’m sticking close, though.  I didn’t even go to Barnes and Noble this morning!  And the next time he showers, I think I’ll have Scott stand by, just in case.

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