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More Rainbows   2 comments

Back to the weather . . . yesterday was remarkable for its rainbows.  Huge, double, and long-lasting, they must have had everybody in the county with a cell phone out snapping pictures.  Here are mine . . .

This one is a morning rainbow, in the west.  It was glorious.  If you look closely, you can see it was doubled.


The dark clouds rolled in during the afternoon. There’s a little bird in this shot, looking rather worried.  He didn’t need to be; we got only a brief shower.


Then the afternoon rainbow.  It was a clearly defined double.



All in all, it was a great day for rainbows.  Today is a great day, period.  There are riders going in every direction, enjoying the sun.  Tomorrow the clouds are supposed to increase, with more rain in the forecast.  We’re ready for it.  I hope.






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Sundog   Leave a comment

There was an exceptionally large and beautiful sundog in the western sky last night.

sundog 2

A sundog, if you don’t know, is a patch of rainbow iridescence in the clouds caused by light refracting through ice crystals.  They are called sundogs because they appear to faithfully follow the sun in the sky.  There are usually two, and there were in this case.  The other, though, was behind some trees and didn’t seem as bright.

sundog 2

My cell phone wouldn’t capture the full range of colors.  This was actually much more colorful than it appears here — a patch of rainbow.

sundog 3

Here are the real dogs, waiting patiently under the sky “dog” for me finish fooling with that darned camera and throw the ball.

So I did.

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Storm   Leave a comment

Yesterday we finally got that promised rain.  Over a quarter of an inch, but not one puddle.  It was just too dry.

We could see it coming.


There were a pair of red-tailed hawks that kept circling, even as the thunder grumbled.  They were hardly specks against the threatening clouds, but they seemed to be enjoying the thermals.


I was about to blog when that thunder started, and I hastily shut down the computer.  We listened to the rain for a long time, but I went back out for the rainbow.  It wasn’t much, at our house; only a part of the full arc.

stormmay14 2

The storm wall behind it was spectacular, though.


Today the storm is past, but we have some great clouds.  And those hawks were still circling.


Tonight is Sarah’s graduation at Bakersfield College.  It’s at 7, outdoors, and there’s a possibility of thunderstorms.  We’ll hope for the best . . .



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Rainbow Bright   Leave a comment

This beautiful rainbow — the full glory of the one that I missed — comes from boarder Danielle, who lost her old horse last Friday.

She says, “. . . it shone so bright right after my old mare was put down.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a sad morning.”


Notice that it is partially a double, as a storm squall passes in the east.

It’s lovely, Danielle.  And so was she.  Sometimes Mother Nature seems to be consoling us . . .

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