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On the Trail   Leave a comment

Marion and I were back out on the trail today, and it was beautiful.  The recent rains have brought on an explosion of plant growth and blossoms.  Here’s a wild rose in bloom.


This is a young mesquite, against a background of what I think is yellow rocket.  There used to be quite a few mesquites along the river, but they have been gone for years.  The rocket, a variety of mustard, is everywhere since the thunderstorms gave it a boost.


This palo verde is in full and glorious bloom.


Close up, it looks like an explosion of yellow.


It was a glorious day, and a great ride.

In other news, grandson Andrew has taken up leatherworking again.  He just hasn’t had time for it until lately, but now he’s managing to work it in.  Here’s a pair of chaps he made for a friend.  I like the scalloped edge; curves are hard!


I’m going to try to post more often; I’ve got a lot of pictures I just haven’t had time to upload and edit.  It’s been a great spring!


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Sycamore   Leave a comment

Well, a few days have passed with no wrecks, accidents, or crime.  You never know what’s going to happen next around here . . . oh, well.  It’s quiet today.  So far.

Here’s a pretty picture anyway.  When Marion and I rode yesterday on the Preserve, we were  struck by the beauty of the sun shining through the spring leaves of this sycamore.  It reminded me of green jewels — not emerald, but peridot.

sycamore 1

I suspect, from the way the multiple trunks are growing, that this group grew from the stump of an ancient fallen tree.  In any case, they make a beautiful picture, while the leaves are clean and gleaming.  Later, dust will dull their color, but they’re wonderful now.

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Riding by the River   Leave a comment

It feels really good to choose that title, because there was a real river, with real water, to ride by — if only for the day.

The first thing we noticed was this sign, in the middle of the river.  It was too far out to read.

ridemar9 8

Later we learned that it was a warning to riders that there was going to be a cross-country run on the Preserve this weekend.  I’m fairly sure they put up the sign before the water came down.  I wonder if they expected the runners to cross the river here.  If so, they’re going to have a surprise — at least, if there’s still water.

The dogs, of course, were thrilled to find they could actually swim .  At least, Peaches was.  Xena always seems less enthusiastic, but follows her buddy.  Sometimes.

ridemar9 6

Here they strike a noble pose, not far from the beaver dam.  Can you see the apprehensive heron by the dam?  He was watching them closely.

ridemar9 5


The beavers must have been really surprised.  They have a nasty hole in their dam.

ridemar9 4

We stopped at the “beach”, and Peaches had yet another swim.  I didn’t take a picture of all of her swims; she made frequent detours to try out a new spot.

ridemar9 3

We went back on the higher ground, and found this lonely little lupine.  See it?  Look closely . . . last year there were many more.

ridemar9 2

I didn’t want to get any closer for fear of stepping on the Last Lupine.  You can see that the grass is already going brown.  I’m afraid the predicted showers won’t help it much.

I’ll bet people used to rivers that are always rivers don’t appreciate them half as much as we do ours.

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Riding Upriver   2 comments

First, breaking news; granddaughter Christina has a new baby daughter.  Little — well, not so very little — Isabella weighed eight pounds, seven ounces.  Mother, daughter, and big sister Liliana are doing well.  Updates to follow.

Yesterday, Marion and I rode upriver, on the Panorama Vista Preserve.  It was the first time for a couple of months that I had been out that way.  The dry river, dying trees, and fire-blackened banks were depressing.  It was nice when we got far enough upstream to find actual water, and green, healthy plant life.

rideaug11 2

You’ll have to take my word for it; there is water under the water hyacinth and buttercups and six-foot high cattails.  Farther east, we came upon actual open water.

rideaug11 6

Xena really appreciated it.  Here she is, looking oddly short-legged.

rideaug11 7

Marion’s horse EZ really wanted to go wading, too; but the bottom might be pretty soft, so she didn’t let him go in.

aug11ride 9

He is certainly a handsome boy.  It’s too bad that the water hyacinth just comes out whitish, instead of the lovely soft lavender that it really is.  It may be a pest, but it’s a beautiful one.

Poor Peaches didn’t get to go along.  She doesn’t take heat well, so I leave her home until the weather cools.  When we got back, though, she sniffs Xena so thoroughly that I would bet she knows exactly where we’ve been and what we’ve done!

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Monday Ride   Leave a comment

Kitty and I went for a ride this morning — at least, I rode, she packed me, and the dogs went along.

One of the great things about Kitty is that you can just get on her and go for a ride, without any exercise in the round pen or other preliminaries.  She just goes along without any fuss.  I’m not sure she actually enjoys it, but at least her ears and her pace perk up once we’re out on the trail.

Now that the storms seem to be over, it’s warming up again.  The trees out on Panorama Vista are showing the stress.  I thought, for a moment, that there had actually been a fire here . . .

soloridemay25 4

. . . but no, it was just drought stress.  Going down this little trail, we came to the river.

soloridemay25 3

It didn’t look good.  Note the wood duck nest box on the island.  I don’t think it will host any baby ducks this year.  It’s hard to believe that a couple of months ago, the river looked like this . . .

feb5ride 8 edit

I think this is, if not the same spot, at least nearby.  It looks too different to tell for sure.

I stopped to snap the old pipe that used to carry oilfield waste water to the canal.  It’s been derelict for a long time now.


soloridemay25 2

A little farther on, a more cheerful sight.  The elderberries out here are loaded, too.  The birds and little critters are going to feast this year.

soloridemay25 5

It was nice to get out on the trail, and it wasn’t even too dusty.  When Marion gets back, we’ll have to do it together.

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Today’s Ride   Leave a comment

Marion, her friend Janie, and I went out through Panorama Vista today.  I hadn’t ridden for several days, so it was about time.  It was a good ride, though it was pretty hot — about 80 by mid-morning.

There’s no green grass at all now, but the trees along the river almost make up for it.

apr28ride4 edit


I can see cottonwood, willow, sycamore, grapevines, rushes, and much more in the picture above.  We have such a wealth of vegetation.

Here are Janie and Marion, looking at . . . something.  Janie’s beautiful black Canada persisted in looking at something behind him, though.  And there’s Kitty’s ear, as usual.  She’s such a good horse.  I’m lucky to have her.

apr28ride2 edit

We stopped to look at the new plantings on the south bank of the river.  They seem to be coming along nicely.

apr28ride1 edit

Marion also took several pictures.  I think her smartphone, newer than mine, takes better pictures.

marionapr28 2edit

The color is much truer.  I’m still thinking about updating, but haven’t yet!

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Golden Fields   Leave a comment

Yesterday, Marion and I set out to backtrack the route of the Fun Run yesterday.  We discovered how much the landscape can change in just a short time.

All the green fields had turned to gold.

mar23ride 1edit

mar23ride 3edit

We stopped to look at one of the old fig trees on the Preserve.  In a good year, it will set edible fruit.  In most years, it can’t set fruit at all.  This year, there is fruit, but it will be small, dry, and seedy.  People might not care for it, but the critters will.

The fig trees are not native, but left over from squatters’ gardens many years ago.  Squatters in those days didn’t take over abandoned homes and trash them, but build homes and gardens on fallow land — that happened to be owned by others.  In this case, the enormous Kern County Land Company apparently pretty much ignored the little farms dotting their land.  Those squatters included some of Billy’s relatives, backin the 20’s and 30’s..

mar23ride 6edit

The fields may not be as green, but the trees have leafed out as if to make up for it.  I liked the Picturesque Old Stump in this picture.

mar23ride 11edit

Up at the weirs, Peaches seems to be asking if the arrow means anything.  Yep, Peaches, we’ll follow it.

mar23ride 12edit

After your dip, that is.

mar23ride 13edit

It was a beautiful cool day, and we admired the clouds and water.

mar23ride 14edit

We abandoned the run route, and headed straight home.  Here, EZ seems to be asking why we’re stopping again.  Actually he was hoping for a carrot.

mar23ride 16edit

And here are Kitty’s ears once more, looking alertly down the trail.  She knows it’s the way home.


We were impressed by how clean the trail was, after all of the hubbub on Saturday.  We saw exactly one dropped water bottle, and no other trash at all.  (We should have picked it up, but getting down isn’t that easy any more.  Maybe next time.)  The organizers did a great job.  It was a chance for a lot of people to enjoy what is a relatively unknown public area, and hopefully to support it in the future.  It’s a great cause.

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