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More Rainbows   2 comments

Back to the weather . . . yesterday was remarkable for its rainbows.  Huge, double, and long-lasting, they must have had everybody in the county with a cell phone out snapping pictures.  Here are mine . . .

This one is a morning rainbow, in the west.  It was glorious.  If you look closely, you can see it was doubled.


The dark clouds rolled in during the afternoon. There’s a little bird in this shot, looking rather worried.  He didn’t need to be; we got only a brief shower.


Then the afternoon rainbow.  It was a clearly defined double.



All in all, it was a great day for rainbows.  Today is a great day, period.  There are riders going in every direction, enjoying the sun.  Tomorrow the clouds are supposed to increase, with more rain in the forecast.  We’re ready for it.  I hope.






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Clouds!   Leave a comment

I woke up yesterday morning to a beautiful mother-of-pearl sunrise.  Naturally, I got out with my camera . . .

augclouds 1edit

augclouds 2edit

A lot of places in the US — and even California — this wouldn’t be a Big Event.  In Bakersfield, though, we are used to endless unchanging skies throughout the summer months, and beyond.  I’ve seen afghans in which a strip a day is added, in the color of the sky for that day.  They are beautiful, in many shades of blue, peach, gray, gold, and pink.  Here, you would have pretty much a solid grayish blue blanket.  There’s not much variety in our summer skies, except for a sullen orange night and morning during fire season.  It’s been fire after fire this summer, and it’s not over yet.

Still, perhaps this short-lived change is a sign of times to come.  Eventually.  Well, there are back-to-school ads all over the place.  That’s a sure sign that fall is coming, isn’t it? And fall can be lovely here — and great riding weather!


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Just for Pretty   Leave a comment

Nothing much going on, so here are a few pictures just for pretty.

First, this backlit cloud.  It was after the last windstorm, and the sky seemed inky-dark blue.  There are also rainbow patches around the edges, which didn’t show up so well.  It was a magnificent little cloud.


The monkeyflowers are blooming, down by the river.  They don’t look too much like monkeys to me, more like cheerful yellow snapdragons.



Last, here are some shots of my red cactus that’s blooming now.  Red isn’t my favorite color, but it’s sure gorgeous.

cactus 1

cactus 4

cactus 3


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Pink Lace Clouds   Leave a comment

Just a few pictures from yesterday’s astonishing sunrise.  The earliest part, when the horizon glowed red through 180 degrees, was too dark too capture.

pinkclouds 4

pinkclouds 3

pinkclouds 2

These were taken toward the east, south, and west respectively.

Incidentally, Peaches showed up with half of a hot dog and a chicken breast today.  Amazingly, she managed to get it all in her mouth to bring in; she was only betrayed by her bulging cheeks.  Until, that is, she dropped it all into my lap . . .

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Still Here   2 comments

It’s been a busy month; I guess that’s true for nearly everyone in December.  I haven’t gotten much blogging done, but hope to do better.  Here’s a report on the rain of a few days ago .  Frankly, it wasn’t much.

We got enough to make the fallen leaves glisten . . .


And leave raindrops on roses . . .


And make strawberry whipped cream clouds.


Right now, it looks like the predicted rain is moving in.  We’re hoping for a little more this time.

A few days ago, we lost Lori B.’s grand horse Gambler to a neurological condition — apparently complications from Cushing’s disease.  He was only nineteen, and should have had many years ahead of him.  I’ve got some pictures, and she’s sent me some more; I hope to do a sort of elegy for him in the next day or two.  It’s always hard to lose a good horse . . .

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More Clouds   1 comment

I’ve been busy with my camera.  Here’s a sunset, with rider.

clouds 5

A closer, and darker, view

clouds 4

Xena likes cloudwatching, too.  Notice our shadows; this was late in the day.

clouds 6

We’re supposed to get more rain tomorrow.  I helped it along, by watering all of my potted plants.  If I had washed the car, too, rain would be certain!

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The Very First   Leave a comment

The very first picture from my new iPhone 6, that is.  It was more than time I upgraded my old 4, much though I loved it, and I got a nice new tablet to go with it.  I’m not having much trouble adjusting to the new phone, but the new tablet is going to have a learning curve.

The only problem is that we haven’t been able to get the e-mail to open.  I’ve forgotten my password. Daughter Suzanne said she’d come over soon and help me out; meanwhile, the desktop isn’t as convenient, but will give me my e-mail.  How soon we get spoiled . . .

Here’s that picture.

1stnewphone 1

It’s a cloudy shot.  We got that promised storm, with about a quarter of an inch of rain.  That’s a good rain, but not a gullywasher by any means.  It gave us a chance to check everything for leaks, and test our procedures.  It’s hard to believe that it was around eighty day before yesterday; today we’ll be lucky to make sixty.  Summer to winter in one day!  It’ll warm up again, though.  We’re not done with fall yet.

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