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Aggie and Liliana   Leave a comment

Sarah let great-granddaughter Liliana ride Aggie this morning.  They looked pretty cute together.

lillinaggie2 edit

Aggie is so calm and reliable, it’s hard to remember she’s only four.  Here she’s keeping her cool, even though apparently about to be bopped with a . . . well, it’s a toy of some sort.


Sarah rode out with them, on Bella.  There’s something a little odd here . . . the riders seem to be on the wrong steeds.  But they’re so cute!  Did I say that already?

lilinaggie5 edit

And there they go . . .

lilinaggie6 edit

Everything went well, and a good time was had by all.  I’ll bet this isn’t the last time we see Liliana on Aggie.


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Sarah and Aggie Do It Again   3 comments

Granddaughter Sarah and her lovely mare Aggie went to a horse show yesterday, and a good time was had by all.

A reined cow horse is expected to sit down and tuck their rear when they stop, and Aggie does just that.

sarahshowin 1edit

They must also show the cow who’s the boss.  They do that well, too.

sarahshowin 2edit

Here’s another stop.

sarahshowing 3edit

That’s the way to go, girls!

Today Marion and I rode , and followed the arrows from Saturday’s Fun Run (backwards in spots) just to see where they went.  It looks like they would have gone through most of the nicest spots on the Preserve.  Tonight at the knitting group, I hope to learn more about how many showed up, and how it went.  So few people know about Panorama Vista; now more will have seen it at its best.  Well, almost best; a couple of weeks ago it would have been greener — but the trees wouldn’t have been as leafy, either.

I’ll post some of the pictures we got tomorrow.

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Out and About with Bella   Leave a comment

I had resolved not to post any more pictures of pony Bella for a while, as she’d been showing up pretty often in these posts.  But yesterday, Kitty and I went for a ride on the preserve with granddaughter Sarah and her lovely filly Aggie, and Sarah decided that it would be a good experience for Bella.

I’m not sure how Aggie felt about that idea, but she’s very tolerant.  Whatever Sarah wants, that’s fine with her.  Bella, though, looks a little dubious.


Bella’s a little flatlander; she’s had no experience with hills.  Some of the trail was pretty easy . . .


But some was a bit harder.


We also rode on the narrow trails right along the river, but I couldn’t manage pictures there.  I was in front, and there was no room to turn around.  Aggie and Bella had no problem sharing the trail, though, and the pony seemed to take everything in stride — even the muddy spots and the delirious dogs.

We’ll probably do that a few more times, with the eventual object of getting Bella out on the trail with Sarah on board.  So far, she (the pony, that is) has taken everything in stride.  It’s a good thing that Aggie is so accommodating.  She’s got one of the nicest temperaments I’ve ever seen.  And she’s pretty, too.

She and Sarah go really well together.  Of course, Grandma’s not a bit partial!

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