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Another Wreck   Leave a comment

Day before yesterday, I was peacefully knitting in the living room when I heard a loud noise.  Crashity-boom-boom-BANG!  “It sound like someone coming in with an empty trailer,” I thought, “only they’re going way too fast.”  It seemed to go on and on, though, so I got up to look.  At first I could see nothing out of the way, then I noticed agitated horses running up and down their pens, and finally I saw a commotion up on the road.  People were running toward it from every direction, so I went out to look.

It turned out that a horse trailer, with two horses in it, had come loose from its truck and run wild down the road.  It had been going north, but at some point it jumped the center divider, spun around, and went tail first down the embankment.  It stayed on its wheels, but the two horses were jammed together and in trouble.

It was, at least, a good place for it to happen.  There were lots of people there to help get the horses out and administer first aid.  Still, with the heavy traffic, it was a scary situation.

It didn’t take long for the highway patrol to get there, and someone had called Dr. Paul the vet.

It was a relief to see the horses out and standing up.  They were cut up and bruised, but standing on their own four legs.  Granddaughter Christina reacted with her usual competence, and brought up her truck and trailer.  The two horses loaded up and headed in.  It turned out that they were our boarders, and had been headed home.

My worst moment came at the beginning of the whole thing, when someone shouted, “One of those is the horse Andrew rides!”  Immediately I visualized Kitty in the middle of the wreck; but it wasn’t her.  Andrew reassured me that she was safely in her pen.

It looks like the horses will be all right, if a long time healing.  We heard that the cause was a too-small ball on the truck, which allowed the hitch to bounce loose.  The emergency chains held briefly, but snapped and sent the trailer off on its own.  It was so lucky that no cars on the road were hit.  All in all, it could have been a lot worse.

I told Billy later, “I’ve seen a lot of trucks come in without trailers, but that’s the first time I’ve seen a trailer come in without a truck!”

On a more cheerful note, here is little Weston on Kitty, with his family — and his hat.  It might be more accurate to say the hat is wearing Weston.



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The Tunnel Gets Another One   1 comment

Actually, it’s not the tunnel — though vehicles occasionally land in it — but the curve over the top of it that causes so many wrecks.  Late yesterday, near the height of the storm, it got another one.

We got a call that a car was upside down in the ditch beside the tunnel, and a horse had broken through its gate and was running loose.  It was boarder Lisa, and she had efficiently called 911, put the drenched but OK driver out of the wet, caught the horse, and put it in an empty pen.  (It was my Kitty, so if you’re a boarder reading this, it wasn’t yours.  And Kitty is also OK.)

I called Scott, since Billy was out making a round and he doesn’t have a cell phone.  Scott told Billy, and he drove over to see what was going on.  By that time it was dark, and the towing company decided to put off trying to get the upside-down car out until morning.  It would have been very difficult on that dangerous curve, in the dark and blowing rain.  It was quite a nasty storm.

This morning, they got at it right away.  They righted it first, then hauled it up the bank.


Soon it was on the road, ready to load onto the truck.  It looked remarkably good for a car that had spent the night upside down in a ditch.  I imagine it was totaled, though.


As I walked back to the house, I spotted David on the roof of a tackroom, repairing roofing material that had been rolled up by the wind.


Many people don’t realize just how many skills that have nothing to do with horses you need to run a stable!

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Jennifer   1 comment

I’ve been putting off writing this blog entry, both because it was painful and because I wanted to see how things were going to come out.  I think it’s time now.

A little over a week ago, our friend and boarder Jennifer was riding in the arena by the house when she was thrown, hard.  Luckily Billy was looking out, and saw the dust flying.  I ran out and found Jennifer on the ground, unable to move.  She thought her knee was broken.  I ran to the house and told Billy to call an ambulance.  In the meantime, I ran back and forth getting water and pillows.  When she was as comfortable as possible (not very) I went to catch the horse.

I looked back when I heard Jennifer scream, just in time to see the ever-sympathetic Peaches sitting on Jennifer’s injured knee.  I yelled at her, and she jumped off and ran — but not too far.  A fire truck arrived about that time, closely followed by the ambulance, and they packed her up and took her off, calling back that she was going to ride that horse yet!

Later we heard that she had a dislocated knee, but that wasn’t the problem.  An artery in her leg had torn, and they were flying her to Fresno for surgery.  There they took a section of artery from her groin, and used it to mend the torn artery.  It was touch and go; she was in danger of losing the leg.

Now, better than a week later, Jennifer still has both legs, but after multiple surgeries, it’s looking like a long hard road to recovery.  She’s getting a lot of moral support from her many friends here.  It’s looking like she may be transferred back to KMC soon, though she has at least one more surgery to go.

I was worrying that Peaches’ sympathy might have aggravated the injury, but it was the opposite.  I understand that the doctor said that her weight popped the knee back into place, and may well have kept Jennifer from bleeding out.  They’re calling her Doctor Peaches around here!

Here’s Jennifer at the beach, a while ago . . .


It may take a while, but I expect to see her back there.  She’s a very strong person.

And here’s Peaches supervising Jennifer-the-farrier.


I guess she counts horseshoeing as one of her skills, along with medicine!



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It Happened Again!   Leave a comment

Yet another car came off of the road at the tunnel.  This wasn’t a serious wreck; the car landed upright and no one was injured.  In a few moments, people were helping them get it off of the county fence.


Unfortunately, as soon as they were free of the fence, and as the fire, ambulance, and Highway Patrol started to arrive, they got turned around and took off.  Obviously they wanted nothing to do with the officials.  They didn’t know how to get out of the ranch, though, and spent the next twenty minutes or so driving madly all over the place, looking for a way out.  The Highway Patrol was looking for them, but apparently didn’t know they were still down here.

Eventually, they found their way to the levee, which usually has a locked gate at each end.  In a stroke of luck for them, though, a county employee was working up there and had left the west gate unlocked.  They got away free.  The Patrol has their license number, though, so unless it was a stolen car (very possible) they’ll be found.

It’s not always that exciting around here.  I stopped on our ride this morning to get a shot of this lovely bush.  Several of our customers have landscaped their tackrooms, and this one is especially pretty.  I’m not sure what the bush is, except it seems to be some variety of rose.

ridemar21 1

The rest of the flower bed is lovely, too.

ridemar21 2

It was a perfect spring day, and we enjoyed it!

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Bang!   1 comment

This was supposed to be a post about the beautiful wildflower drive Marion and I took yesterday, but events intervened.

I was sound asleep about six this morning when I heard Billy calling me.  (I sleep like a rock, but always manage to hear his voice.)  He had heard a bang, then someone at the door, and since he can’t get up quickly he needed me to see what was going on.  I stuck my head out of the door, and an early boarder called that a car had just hit the fence at Jill’s pen, and that there were a couple of apparent drunks trying to get away.

I went out in my robe, just as the man quit revving the motor and trying to back out of the fence.  I called to him that he wasn’t going anywhere, and might as well wait for the cops.  Then I hightailed it back to the house to tell Billy yes, he should call them.  Right now.

Then I grabbed the camera and went out to take pictures of the license plate, in case they did manage to get it out.  It wasn’t likely.  The man had taken off by then, and the woman told me — repeatedly — that she had just been the passenger.  Very soon, the Highway Patrol arrived.

wreckfeb27 1

As I was telling him what I had seen, we turned around and looked toward the river.  There was the driver, obviously trying to make up his mind whether to take off again, or not.  The patrolman picked him up, and later they hauled both of them away.

They did quite a job on Jill’s pen.

wreckfeb27 2

Luckily, no one, human or horse, was hurt.  And the water line — those pipes carry water — hadn’t broken.  Later we learned that they had been speeding in circles around the place, honking the horn.  Billy had heard the horn, but thought it was up on the road.  Nope.  I have no idea what they thought they were doing.  Trying to scare the horses to watch them run, maybe.  That’s happened before.

We heard later that they had found stolen articles in the car, and that there had been a third person involved, but that is secondhand.  At any rate, the police apparently decided to lock up everyone involved, at least for the present.

Never a dull moment . . .

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No, It Can’t   Leave a comment

It can’t be Bakersfield, that is.  Not unless it was February, at least.

In other words, we woke up to pouring rain this morning.

may22rain 2



As usual after any rain, there were wrecks all over Bakersfield.  No one seems to remember that the roads will be slick with oil when it hasn’t rained for a while.

There was a wreck here, in the usual place.  I’m not sure how many cars have come off there by the tunnel, but it’s been a lot.  Luckily, there didn’t seem to be serious injuries in this one.  The little car did apparently roll, but the driver was wearing her seat belt– always a good thing.  That curve is treacherous, and so many people underestimate it.


I got an unnerving phone call yesterday.  The upset caller wanted to know if it was true that Billy had passed away.  Since I had just gotten him into his pickup five minutes before, I was fairly sure he was fine.  Still, it was . . . yes, I guess unnerving is the best word.  Later that evening, we got another call about the same thing.  Since Billy answered that one himself, it was obvious he was still with us.  Apparently there was something posted on Facebook that gave the wrong impression.

I’m really, really glad it was the wrong impression!

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Ride and Wreck   Leave a comment

I was just getting ready to make a blog entry about our beautiful green ride yesterday, when the phone rang.  It was Sarah, to tell us that there had just been a wreck up on Manor, and a car had ended up off the road.  Billy questioned her closely, just to make sure the car hadn’t hit the fence, and then I went down to see just what had happened.

Yes, there was a car off the road, and no, it hadn’t hit the fence.  The man driving it, though, was very, very lucky.

wreckfeb28 2edit

Apparently he was rounding the curve in his cute little Eclipse when a tire blew out.  It was possible that he was going too fast, but it seems as if he had been speeding much, the car would have rolled instead of simply spinning out.  If he had rolled his little convertible, I can’t see how he would have survived.  I imagine that’s him, sitting there looking understandably shaken.

In a few minutes, a fire truck showed up . . .

wreckfeb28 3edit

Then an ambulance . . .

wreckfeb28 4edit

. . . which I hope wasn’t required.  The dogs had followed me down, and when a little Chihuahua held in a witness’s arms started shrieking (for no reason I could see) they wanted to go up and investigate.  I hurriedly called them back, and we headed for the house before they got into trouble.

It could have been a lot worse.

It has just started raining — hooray!

Here are just a few of the ride pictures.  I’ll post more tomorrow . . . probably.

Peaches coming back to see why Marion and I had stopped.

feb27ride 1 edit

Green, green, green.

feb27ride 2edit

feb27ride 6edit

feb27ride 5edit

A tree that a beaver had chomped . . .

feb27ride 4edit

A view of the beaver pond . . .

feb27ride 11edit

Looking downriver from the weirs.  Not much water visible, but lots of gone-to-seed cattails.

feb27ride 8edit

More tomorrow . . . probably!

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