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On the Trail   Leave a comment

Marion and I were back out on the trail today, and it was beautiful.  The recent rains have brought on an explosion of plant growth and blossoms.  Here’s a wild rose in bloom.


This is a young mesquite, against a background of what I think is yellow rocket.  There used to be quite a few mesquites along the river, but they have been gone for years.  The rocket, a variety of mustard, is everywhere since the thunderstorms gave it a boost.


This palo verde is in full and glorious bloom.


Close up, it looks like an explosion of yellow.


It was a glorious day, and a great ride.

In other news, grandson Andrew has taken up leatherworking again.  He just hasn’t had time for it until lately, but now he’s managing to work it in.  Here’s a pair of chaps he made for a friend.  I like the scalloped edge; curves are hard!


I’m going to try to post more often; I’ve got a lot of pictures I just haven’t had time to upload and edit.  It’s been a great spring!


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At Last . . .   Leave a comment

. . . another post.  It’s not that there hasn’t been plenty to write about; but between a nasty cold and phone problems (no Internet!) I haven’t been able to report.

All is well here, and things have pretty much dried out after the big storm.  Our rain gauge showed over an inch and a half, although the official rain total was less.  It was a typical thunderstorm; some areas got drenched, some didn’t.

I haven’t recorded the progress of the Paint colt that Sarah’s dad brought in as much as I would have liked, but he’s coming along fine.  I got out to snap shots of his first trip out of the round pen — I think.  I’ve probably missed a lot while snorting and sneezing.  Anyway, the little guy making a very handsome saddle horse.  Here, Sarah’s friend Michael J. is riding him, while Sarah gets ready to join them on Tilly, the other youngster she’s been working.

paint 1

They intended to work the colts in the riverbed, but there was so much activity down there that they decided to be prudent and cut the ride short.  It’s better to quit while you’re ahead, especially with colts.

You can see it was a beautiful day, after high winds and dust the day before, and everyone who could must have been out there enjoying it.  The weekend will be even busier.

Here are a couple of shots from a week or two ago, of roping practice in the arena.  Grandson Andrew and friends had a great time.

roping 2

No, they’re not roping the tractor driver; the roping dummy is just out of sight around the corner.  Everyone had a good time, except maybe the dummy.

I hope to post more often, now that my cold is beginning to pass off.  The old saying is, “Three days coming, three days with you, and three days going.”  I figure I’m on day seven.  It’s been really hard on Xena.  For some reason, she hates sneezing and coughing, and heads for the dog door every time.  She’s about gotten it worn out these last few days!



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A Bit of Green   Leave a comment

The weather around here has been just about perfect, and everyone is taking advantage of it.  Once more, Marion and I rode out yesterday, just to enjoy the brief Bakersfield green.

We stopped on the way out to look at our recovered truck.  It doesn’t look bad, except for its missing drawers.  Replacing all of the tools will be expensive, but at least they couldn’t steal the cherry-picker.


I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures at my favorite spot on the trail.

mar16ride 1

mar16ride 4

We crossed the canal, and rode down the southern bank.  One spot seemed so green and wooded that it might have been Ireland.  Well, sort of.

mar16ride 3

I’m not sure what this ferny little plant is, but it can be a stand-in for shamrocks, can’t it?

mar16ride 2

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Riding by the River   Leave a comment

It feels really good to choose that title, because there was a real river, with real water, to ride by — if only for the day.

The first thing we noticed was this sign, in the middle of the river.  It was too far out to read.

ridemar9 8

Later we learned that it was a warning to riders that there was going to be a cross-country run on the Preserve this weekend.  I’m fairly sure they put up the sign before the water came down.  I wonder if they expected the runners to cross the river here.  If so, they’re going to have a surprise — at least, if there’s still water.

The dogs, of course, were thrilled to find they could actually swim .  At least, Peaches was.  Xena always seems less enthusiastic, but follows her buddy.  Sometimes.

ridemar9 6

Here they strike a noble pose, not far from the beaver dam.  Can you see the apprehensive heron by the dam?  He was watching them closely.

ridemar9 5


The beavers must have been really surprised.  They have a nasty hole in their dam.

ridemar9 4

We stopped at the “beach”, and Peaches had yet another swim.  I didn’t take a picture of all of her swims; she made frequent detours to try out a new spot.

ridemar9 3

We went back on the higher ground, and found this lonely little lupine.  See it?  Look closely . . . last year there were many more.

ridemar9 2

I didn’t want to get any closer for fear of stepping on the Last Lupine.  You can see that the grass is already going brown.  I’m afraid the predicted showers won’t help it much.

I’ll bet people used to rivers that are always rivers don’t appreciate them half as much as we do ours.

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It’s Still Green   Leave a comment

Marion and I went out again yesterday, to enjoy the green grass while it’s still there.  Kitty seemed to appreciate it, too.  Just look at those attentive ears.  (If you look closely, you’ll see Xena and Peaches wondering why we’re so slow.)

feb24ride 6

Of course, she didn’t get to actually eat any of that luscious-looking stuff.  There’s grass at home I’ll let her nibble.

It wasn’t too far down the trail that we came upon evidence of busy beavers.

feb24ride 1

Farther on, we stopped at the dam.  Peaches thought she might swim out and visit the beaver family.

feb24ride 5

It turned out there was nobody home.  Or at least no one that wanted to talk to Peaches.

feb24ride 4

Farther upriver, the water was much cleaner.  Xena decided it was nice enough for her to swim, too.

feb24ride 3

She had to have a good shake when she got out, though.

feb24ride 2

You can see what a beautiful day it was by looking at the mountains in the background.  It’s been warm, but so hazy that the mountains were invisible.

There’s no rain in sight, so it’s not going to be green for long.  We’re appreciating it while we’ve got it, and hope to get in a drive to look for wildflowers in the next day or two.  Those of us who don’t see much green sure appreciate it a lot!

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On the Trail   Leave a comment

Marion and I hit the trail yesterday, though not very far.  Kitty and I are both a bit out of shape.

We hadn’t gone far when we came upon a large yellow-flowered bush — I think it’s a bladderpod — which practically demanded to have its picture taken.

bladderpod 1

I might have trimmed it down, but I kind of liked Kitty’s sharp-eared shadow, and the tiny lavender stars of filaree.  That’s rather a pretty word.  It might make a nice name for a dainty little filly.

Anyway, we then took each other’s picture, as usual.  First I took Marion’s, with EZ . . .

bladderpod 2

Then she took mine, with Kitty and Xena . . . Peaches was there, but she was off somewhere sitting in a puddle.

bladderpod 3

It was a lovely day, if a bit hazy.  The mountains were not in sight, though you can see the bluffs in the far background.

It won’t be green like this for very long, I’m afraid.  There’s no rain in the ten-day forecast.  The mountains will stay green longer, though, and the news has been showing pictures of the hills ablaze with early wildflowers.  We hope to get up to see them before they are gone.

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Play Day   1 comment

I went over to watch Liliana ride Bella in a little play day.  It was for the kids, and was slow-paced with no emphasis on competition; just fun.

I’m pleased to report that Bella behaved beautifully, standing around with the big horses without fuss.  I think she was the only pony there.

playday 9

Many of the classes were leadline.  It wasn’t easy on parents, trotting around the course while leading their small children.

playday 4

Sarah led this little girl.  They had to wind through a line of barrels, then around two poles at the far end of the course.

playday 7

It seemed like a very long way.

playday 6

The smiles on the kids’ faces made it worth it.

playday 5

Liliana was old enough to go on her own, and Bella trotted politely around the barrels.


playday 3

playday 2

Unfortunately, she did stop dead at one point to poop.  They’ll have to work on that.  Except for that, though, they were both perfect ladies.

playday 1

And a good time was had by all.



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