Lake Robertson is Back   Leave a comment

It’s been a looong time since the arena by the house has been turned into a lake by a rainstorm.  It happened last night.


It’s a pretty small lake, all right, but it was larger than this.  I took this picture about eight o’clock this morning.  The rain had stopped at about one, mostly, so some had drained off or soaked in.  It still shows that we had a pretty good rain.  It was probably about an inch.  We certainly needed rain, but it’s better if it doesn’t all come at once!

Now comes the clean-up.  There are a lot of wet pens that need draining or scraping out, so all available hands are being drafted to tractor duty.  It’ll take a while, but there’s no more rain predicted for a week or so.  It makes a lot of work for us, but it’s more than welcome all the same.


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