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Yes, we had another ambulance a couple of days ago.  And fire trucks.

In fact, it started off with a fire truck.  Grandson Bruce had just left, and poked his head back in the door to tell us that a fire truck was coming down the road, lights flashing.  Billy and I looked at each other, just to be sure we were all right, then I headed out to see what was going on.



People were arriving from all over the ranch, most of them worried that the ambulance was there for Billy.  When I ran them down, though, they were just looking for a way down into the river.  Someone had called 911 from down there, and it’s always difficult to get a rescue crew through the sand and (maybe) water.

Eventually, they got the ambulance up onto the levee, and got the person in distress out.  We never heard just who it was or what happened, but we often never do.  If it’s not one of our boarders, it’s not really our business.  It’s a relief when it’s not.  Our business, that is.

Sister Sally has been visiting from St. Louis, but she’s over on the coast visiting our brothers right now.  When she gets back, we’ll continue our visit.  We’re planning to drive around Bakersfield just to see how much it’s changed since she moved away.  It doesn’t seem all that different to me, so it’ll be fun seeing it through fresh eyes.


Posted November 12, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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