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I woke up yesterday morning to find a hot dog by my pillow.  I blinked at it for a few moments; yes, it was a hot dog.  Yes, it was sitting on my bed.  But how did it get there?

After a few moments, I remembered that earlier Peaches had come in and jumped on the bed, whining.  She jumped right off again and left, but I realized she only whines that way when she’s bringing me a Present.  No doubt she was disappointed that I hadn’t waked up enough to accept her offering, which some early riser must have given her.

Eventually I staggered out to the living room, where Billy was sleeping peacefully in his recliner.  (He’s had to sleep there since he started having back trouble.)  Holding the abandoned wiener delicately by one end, I deposited it in the garbage.  Peaches no doubt thought it was a perfectly good snack.  It only had a little toothmark in one end.  Thank goodness it was a naked hot dog; no mustard, ketchup, relish, or bun.  Otherwise, things would have been a lot messier.

Life is always interesting when you have a generous Golden Retriever.

Here she is having a good after-swim shake during a ride a few days ago, courtesy of Marion.


As anyone who has ever bathed her can tell you, she is a very good shaker.  And gift-giver.

I’m almost afraid to think what I’ll find by my pillow next.


Posted July 21, 2016 by stablewoman in Dogs

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2 responses to “Hot Dog

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  1. I’m almost disappointed you didn’t eat the hot dog. 😉

  2. It was very clean, too!

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