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We’re in another heat wave, so I have been sticking close to home.  Except for a few trips to the pharmacy or the grocery store, I haven’t ventured out — and there’s not much to photograph at those places.

This morning, I at least went out and took some pictures of my moss rose, or portulaca, plant.  It has been blooming quietly away on a bench.  This unassuming little plant just loves heat and dryness, so it’s a great summer bloomer.  The flowers aren’t very big, but they are sure bright; and they are different every day.  Today, for instance . . .

portulaca 5

portulaca 4

portulaca 1

portulaca 3

It’s hard to believe that it’s a close relative of the purslane that grows on the fringes of our . . . er, lawn.

portulaca 2

Purslane is either a noxious weed or a delicious edible, according to your point of view.  Its cousin portulaca, though, is the beauty of the family.

I had to wade through countless little hoppity toads to get the last picture.  It’s hard to get across the yard without stepping on them, though I’ve managed it so far.  My progress across the lawn must look funny, though, as a lot of it involves standing on one foot with the other one waving in the air, looking fora safe place to land.  As soon as I turn on a sprinkler, every toad in the area makes a beeline for the water.

The hummingbirds, too, love the sprinkler.  I spent some time trying to get a picture of one zizzing back and forth through the spray, but never did manage it.  Maybe tomorrow . . .

If not tomorrow, sooner or later, it’ll be cool enough to get out and ride!





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