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Of all of the birds around here, my favorite to photograph is the egret.  They are pretty easy to capture with the camera, too.  They aren’t as shy as many of the smaller birds.

A couple of days ago, about sunset, I and the dogs went down to the river.  We hadn’t been there for a few days, because the algae had been getting so thick that the dogs were packing a lot of it back to the house in their coats; and it just didn’t seem very clean.  With the new water, though, I hoped most of the green gunk had been carried on down river; and so it had.

When we got there, the first thing we saw was this hunting egret.  He was much closer than the camera shows.


He was uneasy at our appearance.  You can tell by his stretched-out neck, as he tried to get a better look at us.  He must not have liked what he saw, because he promptly took off.

Going . . .


. . . gone.  I like his reflection in this shot.


You can’t blame him for not wanting to share his space with three enthusiastic dogs, though.




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