It’s Fire Season, All Right   1 comment

Billy and I were dozing in the living room late last night, when he looked up and said, “There’s a police car out there in the river.”  I got up to see, just as flames erupted in the night.  It wasn’t a police car, but a fire truck; and it was quickly joined by others.  I wanted to get a picture, but the iPhone insisted on using its little flash to light up the whole night.  By the time I figured out how to get it to stop, the flames were already dying down.

The fire department got right on it.  I counted four or five big trucks cruising back and forth on the bike path to the south, trying to figure out how to get down to the blaze.  They found a way, because soon we heard the drone of a pump working, getting water to the right spot.  It was all over inside half an hour, though a couple of trucks stayed for quite a while — just in case.

This is only the first.  We’ve never had a summer without a few fires on the river.  They are usually like this one; put out quickly and posing no danger to our side.  The prevailing winds are from the north.  Every once in a while, though, there’s a really bad one.  We are not looking forward to the Fourth.

It seems right to follow up with something more cheerful.  Here’s Peaches and her friend Cochise, in pictures taken by Jennifer.  Yet again, Peaches has made a buddy.

pchsncoch 2

In this shot, you can see Cochise is grooming Peaches as he would another horse.  I’ve never seen anything like this with our other dogs.  Horses will form attachments to dogs, goats, or even cats; but Peaches loves all horses, and they seem to love her right back.


A couple of them have gotten too rough with their teeth, even going so far as to pick her up by her skin, but she is unfazed.  Most of them, however, are very gentle and careful.  It’s amazing to watch.


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  1. Sweet Peaches! –Sasha

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