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The number of critters of all kinds has sure been going up since the river’s been . . . wet.  I’m growing more little toads than grass, now that I’m watering the lawn again.  It’s really hard to avoid stepping on them when I go out to water, as they hop away in all directions.

There’s larger wildlife, too.  I love this quite accidental shot I got a few days ago.  I was trying for the tree full of egrets out on the island; but just as I took the picture, one of them flew across below the moon.

moonegrt 1

That’s a lucky shot.  Friend Jennifer got a lucky shot, too, when she encountered a bobcat on the trail.


They are beautiful creatures; and you can see how well they are camouflaged in the brush.

The heat wave goes on, and only the most dedicated riders are out this morning.  If you don’t get a ride in before ten, you are going to suffer!  Personally, I plan to hole up in the house.  Our swamp cooler is working very well — so far.


Posted June 22, 2016 by stablewoman in Birds, Kern River, Nature

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  1. Roberta…Elizabeth here. Hello! Those are phenomenal nature pictures. I want to frame the top one. The bobcat looks like one of our herd of cats. I love how I when I am putting away laundry, I accidentally run into a sleeping cat that I did not notice before. Meow! Stay cool!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous photos!

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