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I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of the Kern River as it flows by our house.  It doesn’t have much to do with the stable that is the main reason for this blog, that’s true.  But it’s not going to be there forever — or even for very long.  I’m watching the rebirth of an ecosystem.  But the water that is allowing it to bloom is temporary, as I have noted earlier.  I understand it will be cut off again sometime around August, and all of this . . .


. . . will look like this again.

greening 4edit

Right now, we have a marsh.  There are reeds and cattails, red-winged blackbirds and egrets.  If the water was going to stay, the trees would once more take over,, and the river would be shaded by willows and cottonwoods.  The ducks and geese would come back — I saw a mallard the other day — and maybe the frogs would sing at night.  But that’s not likely to happen, because there is still a drought here.

So we’ll enjoy our gentle stretch of the “Killer Kern” while we can, and I’ll take pictures to remember it by.

Until the drought breaks again.




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