Blackbird   2 comments

If you look very closely at the center of this picture, you will see a little black dot.


It’s a red-winged blackbird.  Now, that’s not a rare bird.  It’s pretty, with its shining black body and brilliant scarlet shoulders, but not anything to write about . . . except that there haven’t been any around for several years.  Like my friend Marion, I followed its song to the source.  It’s hard to get a close-up, with three riotous dogs along — well, two riotous dogs and one who is elderly but game.  But even the distant view was worth preserving, just to show hows the river life is returning.

This morning, I looked out and counted fourteen snow-white egrets flying in circles, working slowly downstream.  There are little toads everywhere.  A whole ecosystem is reviving — at least as long as there’s water in the river.  I heard the flow was going to continue until August.  I hope so.

Incidentally, there are three dogs in the picture.  Can you spot the third one?


Posted May 29, 2016 by stablewoman in Birds, Kern River, Nature

2 responses to “Blackbird

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  1. Is that a dog in the foreground near the water’s edge?

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