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I noticed I had not posted very many pictures with actual horses in them.  So, on my walk last night, I went down the rows and got pictures of some happily munching horses.  This is the east side of the line of pens that runs along the driveway.  Most of our feeders are old tractor tires.  It’s really hard for a horse to hurt himself on them; I would say it never happens except somewhere, there’s a horse that will find a way.  They have to be fastened to the fence, though, or they will play with them and move them around.

muching 3

Here’s the west side . . .

muching 2

This line of pens runs east and west.  They have a downhill slope; the far end of this line was once an arm of the river.

munching 4

Study in black and white . . .

munching 5

This is a smaller line . . . only six pens.  Notice little Kody waiting for his carrot.

munching 6

It’s been beautiful weather; breezy, with days in the seventies.  Maybe I can get a ride in tomorrow, before the temperatures start soaring.  There’s a prediction for our first hundred-degree day at the end of the ten-day forecast.



Posted May 26, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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