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I’ve been busy, and not getting much blogging done.  Most of the busy has been running errands — nothing interesting.

The weather has been interesting, though.  Last night, we got the latest in a series of thunderstorms, which gave us over an inch of rain.  The thunderstorms have made a big difference in our surroundings.  For example, we’ve had a lot of little toadyfrogs passing through.

When I say little, I mean little.  The hole this tiny guy is hiding in is about dime-size.  The toadyfrog himself (I think he’s actually a toad) could sit on a dime with room to spare.


One of the nicer byproducts of a thunderstorm is a rainbow.  This partial double from a couple of days ago is a good example.

rainbow 2

And . . . the first daylily of the year has bloomed, and it’s a beauty.

daylily 2

I don’t have many left, due to a plague of squirrels, so each one is much appreciated.

Billy’s off to check the horses, so I’m headed out to walk the dogs.  It’s beautiful out there!

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