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The phone hadn’t been working right for several days, and the Internet had been . . . intermittent.  At last, the phone quit entirely, and I got on the iPhone and started trying to contact AT&T on Monday.  That is always an ordeal, and because our line is unsupported for a very long way, it tends to have problems.  Without ever talking to a human, I got an appointment for Tuesday.  Sure enough, the technician showed up; but the problem required a cherry picker, so he decided to come back on Wednesday with a bucket truck and a helper.

It turned out that a tree had come down on the line during that last big windstorm at grandson Andrew’s, but because it didn’t appear to be damaged, he hadn’t mentioned it.  That was the problem, though, and our AT&T crew worked on it all day.  At last, the phone rang.  They had gotten it fixed — we hope.  So far, so good; except we’ve gotten no calls.  I called the landline on the cell, and it worked fine, so perhaps everyone has just given up.  I really hope the callers that offer to fix our non-existent credit cards have given up.

Otherwise, life has gone on as usual.  The dogs and I have been down to the river nearly every night.  The difference in the river bed a few weeks of water has made is amazing.  Here’s a shot from April 2.

newater 4

Here’s the same view from last night.

riverapr20 3

Upriver . . .

newater 6

riverapr20 2

Straight to the south . . .

newater 1

riverapr20 1

Even give or take a dog or three . . . Peaches, in the above picture, gave me a nice shower . . . the differences are clear.  Monkeyflower, especially, has spread its yellow blossoms everywhere.  Even some of the dry dead willows are putting out green leaves.  Of course, the water won’t be there forever.  It’s being put in artificially, and sooner or later it will be cut off.  How many cycles like this can the trees take?  There are bound to be fires, and there’s a lot of deadwood to burn.

Still, we’ll enjoy the water while we’ve got it, and think of our water table getting a little bit of recharge.  And the dogs will certainly appreciate it!


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