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Last night we had the first storm that could be called worthy of El Nino.  It was a genuine thunderstorm, with continuous rolling booms, near-continuous lightning, and everything.  It rained hard; and every time it seemed as though it couldn’t possibly rain any harder — it did.

Here are the first signs of the storm rolling in, yesterday morning.


And here is the same view, this morning.


We’ll probably have to dig a small ditch to drain the large puddle/small lake in the arena, and then rip it deeply.  It’ll be a little while before it’s usable again, unless we get some seahorses in.

As usual, the horses weren’t especially bothered by the storm.  They seldom stay under their nice shelters, though, but go out and stand with their rumps to the driving rain.  They don’t seem to like the sound of the rain drumming on the roof.

Some dogs are panicked by thunder, but none of ours have ever seemed to be bothered.  That’s good; I’d hate to have them run off in terror.  It’s a big river bottom out there.

Today, it’s unsettled, with clouds coming and going, but no more rain.  I’d bet we got more than half an inch, but the official statistics may not agree!  They seldom do, one way or the other.


Posted April 10, 2016 by stablewoman in Weather

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