We’re Back — Mostly   1 comment

It’s been better than a week since I blogged, but it’s not my fault.  Exactly.

You see, I had a minor disaster.  My last entry had pictures of happy dogs swimming in the Kern River.  Well, when I went back a day or two later, I fell in.  With my cell phone in my pocket.

I had just thrown the ball, and old Gena had brought it back right to the river’s edge.  It was floating about six inches out, and I was stretching out reaching for it, when the bank gave way and in I went.  Luckily, the water was only a couple of feet deep right there, but it was my wallowing like a beached whale that really soaked my poor iPhone.  It was dead in the water.

Luckily, it was insured, and when I took it in to AT&T, they immediately sent me a new one.  It came the next day; but I had to wait for grandson Billy to come over and get it working.  He not only got it going, but the old one as well.  It had been soaked, though, so I decided to keep the new one and send back the old one.

While all of this was going on, Billy and I were finalizing the tax returns, which we sent off today.

It’s been an interesting week.

I’ll be back with pictures soon!


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One response to “We’re Back — Mostly

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  1. Yay! Glad you’re back!

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