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We’ve had water in the river before, lately, but this new flow is serious water.  Deep enough to swim a dog — or dogs.

newater 6

They’re after the ball, which is barely visible.  A few seconds later, Peaches and Xena are looking around wildly, trying to find it.  Gena has it, and is paddling back to shore.  Pretty good for an old dog.

newater 1

Near sunset, Marion and I and Peaches walked back down to the water.  Gena and Xena were off on Important Dog Business.  The river looked quite different in the late afternoon light.

newater 4

It looked like Peaches appreciated the chance for a solitary swim.

newater 3

I didn’t catch them in any of these shots, but it looked as though there were some really optimistic people fishing on the far shore.  I think it’s a little soon for that; the fish are probably swimming in bewildered circles.

According to the news, this is Kern River water, but it didn’t come from the Kern.  If I understand it correctly, it’s water that was traded to another district.  Now they don’t need it, so it’s being put back.  However, since it’s coming from the bypass downstream, it’s flowing backwards — heading upstream.

No wonder those fish are bewildered.  I bet the upstream beavers are, too.


Posted April 2, 2016 by stablewoman in Dogs

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