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Every spring, when my climbing Cecile Brunner rose is in full bloom, I get my camera out and record her glory once more.  Cecile is not a flashy rose, with her tiny pink blooms, but she is faithful.  When spring comes, she covers herself in pale pink blossoms.

cecile 3

She has gotten so large that her lower limbs need the wire support you can just see in the above shot.  (You can also see our drought-stricken lawn, or ex-lawn, but try to ignore that.)

Cecile is an old rose, dating from 1881, with the climbing variety like mine first appearing in 1894.  According to my rose book, she was named after the grower’s daughter; so she is definitely Cecile, and not Cecil.  She came from Switzerland, and has many names.  “Sweetheart Rose”, “Mignon” and “Maltese Rose” are among them.  “Sweetheart” seems very appropriate when you look at the tiny, perfect buds.

cecile 4

The foliage is green and lush, and Cecile is a tough, strong grower.  Mine has survived several disasters, including fire and dust storms, and endured at least forty years of Bakersfield weather.

cecile 1

Every spring she flings herself at the sky once more, and embraces countless tiny birds nesting in her branches.

cecile 5

The individual flowers don’t seem to have much scent, but when she’s in full bloom, the spicy-sweet scent is lovely.

Enduring, sweet, and faithful — what more can you ask of a rose?

P. S.  There’s water in the river again!  Lots of water!


Posted March 30, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Flowers

3 responses to “Cecile, Once More

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  1. I love roses and especially the antique breeds. A beautiful plant.

  2. Nicely written, Roberta. Life is good when your Cecile Brunner blooms each spring. Thanks for sharing her story.

  3. What a magnificent plant. I love the tiny buds too.

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