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Yet another car came off of the road at the tunnel.  This wasn’t a serious wreck; the car landed upright and no one was injured.  In a few moments, people were helping them get it off of the county fence.


Unfortunately, as soon as they were free of the fence, and as the fire, ambulance, and Highway Patrol started to arrive, they got turned around and took off.  Obviously they wanted nothing to do with the officials.  They didn’t know how to get out of the ranch, though, and spent the next twenty minutes or so driving madly all over the place, looking for a way out.  The Highway Patrol was looking for them, but apparently didn’t know they were still down here.

Eventually, they found their way to the levee, which usually has a locked gate at each end.  In a stroke of luck for them, though, a county employee was working up there and had left the west gate unlocked.  They got away free.  The Patrol has their license number, though, so unless it was a stolen car (very possible) they’ll be found.

It’s not always that exciting around here.  I stopped on our ride this morning to get a shot of this lovely bush.  Several of our customers have landscaped their tackrooms, and this one is especially pretty.  I’m not sure what the bush is, except it seems to be some variety of rose.

ridemar21 1

The rest of the flower bed is lovely, too.

ridemar21 2

It was a perfect spring day, and we enjoyed it!


Posted March 21, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Events

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