The Lost is Found — Mostly   1 comment

Our stolen work truck turned up — missing almost all of the tools and equipment it carried, of course.  There was also quite a bit o damage to the steering column and ignition, which puzzled us since the drove it out with a key.  David suggested that perhaps it was stolen twice; abandoned after the first time, then stolen again by thieves who didn’t have the key.  Maybe.  At any rate, it’s been found at an apartment complex only a couple of miles away, and the damage is repairable.  We’re glad it’s back.

I heard the dogs barking ferociously a couple of days ago, and went out to find Xena and Peaches were alarmed by an egret.  It was hunting lizards, probably, on the riverbank, and ignoring them totally.  Later, when we went out for our ball chase, I spotted a streak of white near the bridge.

egret 1

Sure enough, it was the same egret, still hunting.

egret 2

It still ignored the dogs, too, but took off when I got too close.  I snapped madly as it passed overhead, and got one shot that actually had the egret in it.

egret 3

They are beautiful in flight; incredibly white and graceful.

It’s been busy around here — I took my Prius in for maintenance today, which took up most of the morning.  They were quick and courteous at the dealership, and commented that it was still basically a new car.  That’s true; it hit 2800 miles as I drove in.  No, I didn’t leave out a zero.  That’s not many miles for a year-old car!


Posted March 16, 2016 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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  1. I’m glad you got back the truck!

    The shot of the egret in flight is moody and gorgeous.

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