Saving Snakes and Eyeing Eagles   Leave a comment

It’s been an interesting couple of days, especially with wildlife.  Yesterday, Marion spotted a baby gopher snake in the driveway.  It apparently felt it was safe if it froze in place, but as you can see by the tire tracks, this was really not a good idea.

snake 4

It was definitely a gopher snake, as can be told by the shape of the head.  In forty-five years, I’ve never seen a rattler around here.

snake 2

While Marion took pictures, I caught the little guy to move him to a safer place.  He was kind of cute; just look at his little head peeping over my hand.

snake 3

Goodbye, little fella.  You’re getting turned loose in the nearest weedpatch — of which we have plenty.

snake 1

Then, this morning, boarder Jennifer called to me.  When I poked my head out of the window, she told me that there was a bald eagle in a tree behind the shop.  I grabbed my camera and was out of there like a shot.  And yes, there he/she was, glaring around in an eagle-like manner.

eagle 4

These are not the highest-quality pictures, because they were taken at extreme telephoto.  But this was the only bald eagle I’d ever seen on our property, and I just had to get his picture.  We sometimes get eagles, especially before or after a storm, but they’ve always been the smaller golden eagle.  This was a real live bald eagle.

eagle 3

eagle 1

He wasn’t bothered by his growing audience, as more people came to look at him, but posed nicely for his picture.  I went to the store after I took these, but later spotted him on a PG&E tower across the river.  It was the height of the rainstorm, and it seems as though he must have been pretty miserable.  Those feathers are a good shield, though, and he sat there for a long time, so maybe it wasn’t too bad.

We did get a good rain today, with wind and heavy at times.  The temperature was seventy-two in the morning, and right now at three-thirty it’s fifty-two.  It’s been an unusual day.


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