Riding by the River   Leave a comment

It feels really good to choose that title, because there was a real river, with real water, to ride by — if only for the day.

The first thing we noticed was this sign, in the middle of the river.  It was too far out to read.

ridemar9 8

Later we learned that it was a warning to riders that there was going to be a cross-country run on the Preserve this weekend.  I’m fairly sure they put up the sign before the water came down.  I wonder if they expected the runners to cross the river here.  If so, they’re going to have a surprise — at least, if there’s still water.

The dogs, of course, were thrilled to find they could actually swim .  At least, Peaches was.  Xena always seems less enthusiastic, but follows her buddy.  Sometimes.

ridemar9 6

Here they strike a noble pose, not far from the beaver dam.  Can you see the apprehensive heron by the dam?  He was watching them closely.

ridemar9 5


The beavers must have been really surprised.  They have a nasty hole in their dam.

ridemar9 4

We stopped at the “beach”, and Peaches had yet another swim.  I didn’t take a picture of all of her swims; she made frequent detours to try out a new spot.

ridemar9 3

We went back on the higher ground, and found this lonely little lupine.  See it?  Look closely . . . last year there were many more.

ridemar9 2

I didn’t want to get any closer for fear of stepping on the Last Lupine.  You can see that the grass is already going brown.  I’m afraid the predicted showers won’t help it much.

I’ll bet people used to rivers that are always rivers don’t appreciate them half as much as we do ours.


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