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No entries for a few days, due to computer problems.  I was just ready to call in my grandson William when they mysteriously fixed themselves.  I had a lengthy backlog of e-mails, most of which were unimportant.  Thank goodness.

Anyway, we had a storm Monday which was predicted to give us up to three inches of rain.  We got three tenths.  Still, there are more predicted, and we’ll take whatever we can get.  The interesting thing was that it was a very cold storm, for March, and we got up to find snow on the hills.

marchstorm 3

I’m always surprised by how far away things look from a camera . . . here’s a zoomed in shot.  Snow in March is very rare in Kern County.

marchstorm 1a

The day ended with a splendid, if brief, sunset.

marchstorm 2

There’s even a little water in the river.  I might take the dogs down to see it a bit later.


Posted March 8, 2016 by stablewoman in Weather

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